View Full Version : SO COLD!! Yet "They're Here!"

Jim Warfield
01-28-2007, 08:24 AM
Yup. Last night a total of 24 people were here for the house tour!
Furnaces were "on". A couple of family groups, some returning for their third time, bringing new friends and relatives with them, then some smaller groups 2 - 3 people returning after being here numerous times.
The drive time for these 24 people was as close as 45 miles to 100 miles away with 60 and 65 miles for the rest.
How do I know these things? I always try to ask them where they are from? And have you been here before?(What made you decide to come here tonight?)
When some would seem minorly offended that I might not have remebered them from a previous tour, I would say:"Well if you had been female and naked the last time you were here, I would have remebered you!"
My wife tells people that "You don't want us to remember you!"
She remembers the troublemakers!