View Full Version : Yesterday's Phone Call:

Jim Warfield
09-25-2009, 12:39 PM
"So is this a supernaturally haunted house or just a bunch of stuff put together to be one of those places where they attack you with masks and things?"
"Sort of a different place, we try to entertain you with the haunted history and some attempted humor but it is also a haunted house ."
"So if I brought a camera in there and took some pictures I would get a real ghost in my camera?"
"Probably not. The supernatural is not that predictable, probably no place happens to be haunted 24/7."
She never showed up.
First I would have talked to her for quite awhile, then possibly allowed her to take a few pictures once I felt I could trust her to just do that.
No more cameras allowed in here except on a very limited and appoved basis.
There are several reasons for this but the best reason is because last fall one person went absolutely nuts taking pictures here, actually endangerig the life and health of several people by his "over-the-top" actions.
Blinding everyone in a room, including the person in that room responsible for the well-being of the customers is not a repeatable scenario as far as I am concerned.
He became an out of control "Paparazzo"!
My Wife was Princess Di and the concrete abuttment was closing in fast.

Kelly Anderson
10-11-2009, 11:07 AM
Thats crazy Jim

I can surely see how all the picture taking and blinding the actor could get dangerous. We have not encountered that, but then we tell everybody no cell phones/cameras and such are allowed. I believe pictures out side our haunt is no problem. Do you allow pictures to be taken from outside with your outside actors, if you have them?

Cant wait to get to your haunt.......probably mid Nov.

Kelly Anderson