View Full Version : "That always gets me!"

Jim Warfield
09-26-2009, 09:10 AM
He said laughing after he had reacted to a little thing I do here. This told me he was a fan, a returning patron AND that what I had just inflicted upon him is pretty good !
No, I don't change alot of things here but I do add things to create new wonders, and I just can't justify ditching the old things that seem to work So Well!
We had a fantastic night here! Lots of FUN!
I learned something too (I must not be that "Old Dog"?) After a group left the house my Wife was complaining about one man who stunk real bad, like three-week old Body Odor! I told her I just turned off my nose as that smell begins to hit me. She said it is a very bad thing because, "What if another customer smelled him, and thought that it was You!?"
I hadn't thought of that.
Maybe a small, decorative skunk tail decoration could get temporarilly pinned on someone's butt to warn and educate others as to who the real stinky guy was would work?
Naw! If I did that pretty soon everyone would be coming here stinky just to be awarded the decoration!
I know how people are.

damon carson
09-28-2009, 06:27 PM
Jim if that was you they would have smelled the funk of over 40,000 yrs of sweat and labor going up and down those stairs of the Grin. Or maybe just the chili you had over at Charlies for lunch. LOL!