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09-29-2009, 11:51 AM
Ok I have been trying to figure this out and I just can't so maybe you can enlighten me. My wife is pregnant (32 weeks and have a very healthy pregnancy) and we both want to go to haunted attractions this year just like years past. All the doctors said that there is no risk in going to them as they cant see how it could do harm. Our doctor visits them as well so he knows what they are like. But as seen on the majority of the websites they advise against it. The only thing we can think of is some one falling down or hitting my wife. However, we always go in a group and most of us are hard to scare, while they still get us at times, its just hard to scare people who used to act in them and know how most scares are accomplished. So I don't really see any of us falling as we never have in the past. Could you please let me know what your concerns are with pregnant women attending?



09-29-2009, 12:07 PM
Some of the concerns off the top of my head are:

* That the woman might break her water or start to go into labor while inside

* Large amounts of fog that could cause respiratory and/or fetal problems

* Small spaces that have to be squeezed through or crawled through

* An actor inadvertantly hitting her (Actors are never supposed to touch but sometimes accidents DO happen)

09-29-2009, 12:11 PM
I think its more of a liability thing. I work at a car dealership as well as running a Haunt. Sometimes people will ask us to help them install their child seats into their new cars. No one, under any circumstance will help someone do this. Its not because we dont want to help you, but just imagine if they got into a car accident on the way home, and the seat wasnt installed right and something happened to the baby. It would be an open field for them to try to accuse the person who was just trying to help them install the seat. Even though nothing is likely to happen, its just a matter of what if. I think that you will be fine, the baby is pretty well protected inside its mother belly. As long as you dont have high blood pressure, or a disorder that may cause a seizure, you should be fine.


09-29-2009, 08:05 PM
OK so your wife is almost 8 months along? All I can say is when I was that far along I did not want to do much but give birth. However, I did everything that I normally did while not pregnant as long as my body allowed it. I tried roller skating at 7 months but my balance was so far off I could not stay up. I bicycled every day until my knees hit my tummy and then I had to stop. I say, as a mother, go for it. As long as she feels comfortable she can do what her body will let her do. Also, don't worry about her getting "scared" enough to go into labor, you havn't seen nor heard "scared" untill she does go into labor, and I mean you not her. And good luck with that. LOL I could have ripped my husbands head right off without a second thought after 19 hours of labor, and yes, good luck with that too. Let her do what she feels she can do. Believe me she will let you know if it is not comfortable. Congrats!!

09-30-2009, 06:01 AM
Thanks for everyones responses so far. We had thought about the fog and that was a concern, however the last 3 years the haunts around us use very little fog, one of them doesn't even use it at all. I think we are going to go to the one I had worked at first as there are no tight spaces to go through or crawl through and they dont change the layout of the haunt just the scenes. I think we will be fine as her pregancy has gone very smoothly and has yet to slow her down one bit. After we go to that one we will make a decision about the other 2, depending on how she does. Plus it is buy one get one free at that haunt this weekend.

09-30-2009, 08:40 PM
Last year I was 8 months along and own a haunt. Therefore I had to walk thru it to inspected before the doors opened. The biggest thing that would be a concern is that a strobe light can throw you off and make you trip and fall. Uneven floors trip hazards, etc. Smells could make her sick but she will know her limitations.

El Diablo
09-30-2009, 11:36 PM
I took my wife to Halloween Horror Nights at Universal Studios the first week of Oct. 2004. She gave birth on the 18th of Oct. I would push her in a wheelchair in between attractions. We tried to go through one in the chair ,but it was too difficult. We still talk about that till this day , we had even more fun because of her condition. At no point in the night did we feel in danger or uncomfortable with the situation. I would say if she's healthy to go for it , and get a wheelchair if you can.