View Full Version : What's up with Halloween Horror Nights Hollywood???

10-03-2009, 04:43 PM
I went last night (Oct. 2nd) for opening night, and from what i had heard, it was supposed to be crazy good and better than knotts scary farm...

BOY were those reviews wrong.

3 of the 4 mazes were excellent i had to admit.

But Terror Tram, and Chuckie were both horrible!!!

Terror Tram was basically the exact same as last years, and according to HHN.com it was supposed to be an all new terror tram.

The Chuckie haunted house was the worst thing ive ever seen, it was in the House of Horrors building, but there was nothing different, exact same props and everything, just people in chuckie costumes running around.

The Saw, Halloween, and My Bloody Valentine were excellent mazes though.

I usually go to knotts, and love it, there haunted houses arent the greatest, but theyve got so many of them, and there actors get into there characters more.

At HHN, they had probably 20 people dressed in the same costume, the Saw Pig Mask with a chainsaw and they were all roaming the streets in a big group.

The only other costumes in the streets were ONE guy on stilts near the "gates of hell," an ocassional slider, and some butcher chainsaw guys.

I saw 3 sliders, and the only one that attepmted to scare me by sliding failed and ended up running into me...

The actors were complete assholes as well, we tried getting a picture with probably 20 of them, and every one of them said no. One of them even told us to "screw off," when we asked at the end of the night.

Could it be that HHN is going back to the days when it was no good??

From now on ill be going to knotts to actually get my moneys worth, and to encounter a more friendly group of actors.

At knotts you can get a picture with almost any actor. But HHN actors are just complete assholes about the whole thing.

And more thing, they rely WAAAAY too much on chainsaws, you cant walk anywhere in the park without hearing a chainsaw.

And they dont know how to scare with chainsaws, they just walk up and hold them by your face, and its more annoying than anything.

The way most people do it is more creepy, they dont show you where theyre coming from, so you cant see them, the HHN chainsaws were just standing there and would walk up and put it in your face.

So in my opinion

Halloween Haunt > Halloween Horror Nights

alright, enough ranting