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The Forsaken Crypt
10-06-2009, 01:44 PM
Made a back story for my character in the making

"Backstory for Gibbon the Devil Man"
Gibbon was property to a cruel, brutal circus. A freak, a sideshow... his deformed nature used as entertainment. His sideshow name was Gibbon "The Devil Man". A human born with wretched defects that gave him the apperence of a monster. Long pointy ears, sharp razor teeth. A macabe harsh facial structure.. a pale white face and a sly grin that never came off. Gibbon spending most of his time in solitude would always stay curled in the corner of his cage, twitching, chuckling.. waiting. After a Nights preformance the abusive ringleader was going to open the cage and torture Gibbon as usual for sick sadistic pleasure. As the ring leader bent over to open the cage Gibbon grabed the man by his shoulders and violently slammed his face against the bars multiple times. Gibbon took the key, opened the cage and spotted a sledge hammer a few feet from his cage. The ring leader hardly consience watched Gibbon in horror as he grabbed the hammer. Gibbon sickly uttered a psychotic chuckle and began to slam the heavy tool on the mans stomach. Up down up down with every violent slam his intestines would mash into a more horrible mess. Screams of pure agony emitting from the sadistic man. Gibbon grew bored and finished the man with a swift blow to the head collapsing his skull. Gibbon stood over the ring leader shivering, twitching and eventually giggling, he bent over and scooped a messy handful of the unrecognizable mess of intestines and devoured it. Gibbon let out a howl and walked off into the night to please his new craving..... Death..

(The outfit is going to be a pair of pants, probably black with some suspenders, a white dirty, bloody white shirt and a CFX flesh colored Imp mask with blood spots all over the face, hell wield the sledgehammer and a strand of intestines, The character will hardly talk just emit chuckles, breaths, moans, giggles the likes and act almost animalistic sometimes, Supposed to be a run away freak) Good?