View Full Version : Body kicker?

10-14-2009, 07:43 AM
I have a body bag and would like to have it appear someone is alive and kicking inside. What is the best way to do this inexpensive. Thanks

10-22-2009, 12:16 PM
I did a kicker several years ago with 2 legs that has worked for years, and was fairly cheap. Last year I moved him to another area, and tied his feet together, and hung him upside down, and he works even better.

Basically I just took 2 pieces of square metal rod, and cut them so that they were about the same length as the bones in a leg. I hinged them at the knee, and added a pivot at the hip, leaving rod extending above the hip.

I took a power window motor from a ford truck, and attached a offset bearing to the cable winder in the motor. I then mounted the motor so that as it turns it will push the upper leg bone rod as the bearing goes by.

It creates a kick that looks pretty good, and the best part is it has lasted year after year.


Allen H
10-22-2009, 01:06 PM
sciplus.com has windshield wiper motors for $20

10-23-2009, 08:03 AM
Here is a tutorial on a windshield wiper motor kicker... pretty cheap and easy.