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Conversation Between OblivionHauntedHouse and halloweenroom

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  1. Feel free to give me a call and come for a tour if your ever in the appleton area! 920-707-0774. (Erick)
  2. DUDE,

    So hows it going??? I hear so much buzz about a large building and a small budget... That is awesome! I am looking to launch a haunt next season with about the same budget as yours. How easy is it? I have been scavenging for going on 2 years and have 4,000 sq ft of junk stored waiting for the big project. if you need anything in specific just holla and i might have it or if you are short help i would love to come and build with you.. And By the way, Your haunt name is better..... LOl

    Cant wait to go through this... WIll be waiting impatiently... HHAHAA
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