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Conversation Between darkXmoon and Jim Warfield

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  1. Must ride slide!!!!!!
  2. The answers to your questions are Yes, no and no. Not a maybe in the bunch.
  3. I remember asking you but i can't remember where I asked you at so I don't know if you ever replied to this question. Does the slide still work in your house ?? Is there an age /weight limit ?

    Just answer the questions sir.... There um kinda important.. At least to me they are.
  4. My main computer has a virus because i was to lazy to put virus protection on it. I just can't believe all this, I don't know if I could be that strong. I know what its like though, my ex-husband just couldn't understand my obsession with Halloween and did split us up in the end. All we can do I guess is learn and move on I guess.
  5. There is a post on The Halloween Forum site concerning single, looking for a haunt fan or something like that? it runs for 158 pages now, it was begun a few years ago, I believe?
  6. My Wife Christina left suddenly after 7 years. She had many strange and supernatural things befall her here in my haunted, haunted house. She returned a year ago for a tour with her co-workers and was shaking like a leaf while standing in a well-lit room with maybe 20 people, so scared to be back here.
    Jessica & I have been together 9 years now, she's a haunt fan, Christina was not at all.
  7. Dude !! I didn't know you had a first wife... and two years ago ? What about Christina ? I thought you guys have been married for like over ten years now !! I have used your relationship
    as some thing to look forward to maybe one day... if i ever got married again. BIG IF!! So some one explain..
  8. Yea, I got sick in 2005 and dropped off the face off the Earth. So I moved to be closer to home. I'm just glad some one remembers me, it feels so weired to me with the new set up and all these new people.
  9. I think I do. Although were you living in Penn. then?
    I had 2 tours this afternoon 2 teenie-bopper girls and then 2 Dads and sons, nobody beat me up at all! I kind of felt as if someone maybe had..draggginn......
  10. Jim, by chance do you remember who I am ? We used to talk a bit in 2005.
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