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Conversation Between brad and danglin

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  1. Brad,
    I am planning to start a haunt in Georgia in 2010, and I am getting ready to sign a lease as well. I have got an 18,000 sq foot building that was built in 06, and it looks like I will have to do a 1 yr lease at $3K /month. If you don't mind me asking, approximately how much are you having to pay for your building, and how long are you leasing? I am asking because I can't get many haunt owners to share this info, and I can't tell if I am paying too much or not. I promise that any info you share will not go any further than me, and that is why I pm'd you, instead of asking on the forum. Also, do you have any advice about getting a lease in general?
    Thanks so much, and keep posting pictures as you do this-it helps me a lot seeing someone else go through the process.
    Take care, and happy haunting!!
    Dewayne Anglin
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