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Conversation Between skullking1971 and OdetteDespairr

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  1. Good luck with your investor! I hope you guys really make it big! I got started in the industry right after i graduated high school. I have a classicly trained acting background, and it is kind of hard to break into the theatres around here so i started looking for an acting troup. I found The Feature Creatures, attended one meeting and got hooked. We do haunted house acting, horror makeup, sfx stuff, movie premiers, we travel to different haunts and act and attend conventions and take classes etc.

    Most all the makeup you see on my page unless otherwise stated is done by me. There is a pink and green bodypaint done on me by NIX Bodyart, as well as a green and black bodypaint also done by NIX. I do my own makeup during the haunt season so most of the makeup there is not mine. But all the fantasy stuff and any picture of me with makeup i do.
  2. Hey.

    thanks for the add on myspace. i checked out your pics, cool stuff. so did you do all the makeup in those pics? and how did you get started in the haunt industry? and where do you see yourself go with it? me? i want to go to the top!! i want to do this all year, i love every thing about the haunt industry.
    sorry if i'm rambling, i'm a bit nerves today . i have a big meeting today with a investor and this can make or brake my haunt this year!!

    well i'm out of hear hope you have a good day!! Eric.
  3. Real names Jackie, this is just sort of a spooky fun stage name, i dont usually go by it. I'll check out ur makeup work when i get the chance im swamped at work today. Check out my myspace www.myspace.com/flowerkitten2000, its got alot of my makeup stuff on there
  4. well i will definitely have to go to them, i know the guy from dead acres will be there of Friday night, and i would like to meet some of them.
    so if you don't mind me asking, whats you name? so i know how to ask for, or do you go by your screen name on here. also i would like to get your opinion on some makeup work i have been doing lately. i have posted them on Hauntspace.com so check them out and give me your honest opinion, if you don't mind.

  5. They're definitly worth going to and they're sooo much fun! I'll see you there! I'll be at the Rotting Flesh Radio Booth most afternoons feel free to drop in and chat, if im not there JJ can always get ahold of me.
  6. so, what's the scoop on the party's at MHC, are they worth going to on not???

  7. i can't wait to see your work, i'm hoping to learn some air brushing at the convention, it's my first year going and there's so much i want to learn!! but the two things i am going for this year are makeup and set design.

    if i see you there i will be Sher to say Hi!!
  8. Im actually one of the artists this year. Convention season is my time to debut my costumes that i make and show off some artwork. But i will be bodypainted at least one afternoon at the convention.
  9. Hey, i was just checking out your pics, cool stuff. so are you going to be one of the body paint girls at MHC this year?
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