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Conversation Between shredman and newhorror2010

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  1. Ok, so I was wrong about a statement I made earlier. I said that "somebody" was probably you. I read down the page further & found out I was wrong. I apologize for pointing the blame finger at you. I still stand by everything else I said though. Sorry, just the way I feel.
  2. You started some BAD controversy on here! People's religion or lack of as far as I can tell has NOTHING to do with Halloween/haunted houses/this website! I have a feeling that the "somebody" you mentioned in your first post on this thread is YOU! You were curious for some dumb reason & didn't want to take the heat from people like me so you said "Somebody said". I am NOT a christian, BUT I DO BELIEVE IN GOD! The SAME God that created the heavens & ground I walk on, the SAME God that created the air I breathe, the SAME God that I believe created EVERYTHING.

    Again, this thread has no feet to stand on as far as I'm concerned, because this IS a Halloween forum! This is NOT a christianity forum.
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