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Conversation Between tkaska and Ken Spriggs

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  1. well, shiver me timbers then.... i did see some of the photogs you mentioned. To me, that is no different than going into an art gallery and taking pictures of the Mona Lisa, printing it out and framing it for you wall -- it's stealing someone else's intellectual property. I work in graduate studies and research by day -- so i have a very healthy respect for other's ideas. Thanks for your reply, Ken, glad we cleared that up. Love the scents too -- we were wondering how well they work outdoors? Ours is a haunted trail in a cornfield!
  2. Cool then!!!!
    Thanks for the kootos!!!
    It takes alot to offend me........as long as you don't dress like a pirate and say lovey all the time....your ok!!!
  3. Nope, wasn't me -- I told you when you walked up how much I admired your work. It would be rude for me to stand there and take all the pictures you referred to in your post. I have skills, baby -- but not like yours. I meant pictures from brochures and catalogs -- I do keep those up to remind myself where I'm going. Our haunt is new and small. I've taken classes and purchased videos and have been blessed to work with a makeup artist from a local college.....believe me, if I had the $3,000 to spend you would get every dime.

    I also meant that I appreciated the actors in costume that took pictures with me...so very sorry if I have offended you.
  4. So were you the person I refered to in my post?
    About....the pics and ideas?
    If so......I have bills to pay just like everyone else
    I am just glad I don't make a living off of the haunted house stuff.....I would starve!
  5. Hi, Ken!
    It was our first show to go to -- we're headed into our 3rd year (corn maze & haunted trail) and we are HUGE fans of your work! The details are simply incredible -- I have pinned pictures of my favorite costumes to our "goal" board. As soon as my budget is "there" I will be all too happy to pay you for the work you do It was a pleasure meeting you, too -- tk
    Toni Kaska
    Kaska Family Farm
    West, Texas
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