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Conversation Between jasonswoods14 and Johnny Thunder

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  1. I'll definitely let you know. Hope tos ee youi act some day. And hope to see you see ME act some day. haha
  2. Cool man - definitely let me know.

    Have a Good one
  3. You too. At FOS we get a chance to come through other attractions for free. Hopefully I'll get a chance to come to Bates Motel.
  4. Kick ass! Have a good one.
  5. Awesome dude. I'm not too far away from you. I'm at Field Of Screams in Mountville. We've both been on Travel Channel. haha. I'm on the Haunted Hayride..
  6. I'm at the Bates Motel & Haunted Hayride.
  7. What up man.. Where do you work?
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