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Conversation Between badass and No_Regret

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  1. Cool cool, can you PM me your phone number so I can get in touch with you when we head down? I know you guys get backed up lines lol so it would pry be the easiest. Is there a good time to contact you?

    And thank you so much man! It'll mean so much to us, and we will greatly appreciate it!
  2. Hey man, not to pester you, but any updates on if me and my buddy/business partner can come down and meet you this season? If you are too busy, we'd completely understand, but we really hope to meet you while were down there checking out your haunt!
  3. hell yeah brother come out n ask for me at tickets and i will show u some behind the scenes...we have the most technical haunt in america hands down..there is a ton of stuff goin on that no one sees...
  4. Hey Badass, I have yet to get down to Dead Acres to see your haunt, but this fall, I will definitely be making the two hour trip down to see it. I love the mentality you guys have of wanting to push the envelope, and using some extreme things in your haunt. Cant wait to see it, and as an aspiring, hopefully FUTURE haunted house owner with the same mentality...I cannot wait to see your haunt!
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