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Conversation Between LightsAlive and newhorror2010

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  1. Hi. We've been @ MHC all weekend. Still have 501's in stock. You can order through our web site, @ www.lights-alive.com.
  2. Do you have any more of the five channel Fire fly's left? I really need to get one ordered if it's not too late.
  3. Yeah, that's what it was, the 5-channel Fire-fly, thank you!
  4. Hi John
    For lightning plus dimming, you're probably looking at our FireFly 201 two channel lightning simulator doing one channel with lightning and one dimming. Our five-channel FireFly can accomplish the same thing with four lightning and one dedicated dimming channel. At Transworld, we announced our miniFLICKER, with versions to do electrical failure, flickering candles, and roaring fire. Check them out on our web site, www.lights-alive.com.

  5. Hey this is John again, sorry I wasn't able to make it to TW this past month. As stated I believe in a voicemail I left you I had to go into the hospital for surgery & have a tumor removed from my brain. THANKFULLY I am out now & for the most part doing just fine. I am living temporarily in Clarksville with my mom until I can get fully recovered, so anyway, what was the product I was last talking with you about? I've read the previous post below this one & so I have a general idea of what it is I'm after. I'm just drawing a bit of a blank here.

  6. Greetings,

    Ok, basically as I was saying I'm building a nursery scene, the effect I'm primarily going for is power surge(s)/failure(s). I've been doing some reading on the product & if I remember right it says I can plug in up to 5 lights & each one can react differently?
    It's actually 2 scenes in one, I have a 5' tall dollhouse I built & would like the light inside to either dim off & on or have a flicker effect.
    The main light in the nursery I'd like to either act as lightning & the other lights basically reacting as they would during a surge. Thanks for any help.

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