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Conversation Between Haunting Copy and damon carson

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  1. I got it. I sent one back. Maybe you didn't get it. Hmm. It was the one where I said I get paid on Monday.
  2. Hey copy you get my pm?
  3. I would have paid closer attention much earlier to how things were done, if I had thought there were any way in hell I was going to go. It wasn't until very recently that I found out I could go.

    Check your e-mail.
  4. So you get your credentials straightened out for the show? Yikes its a little too close to be doing this. I could call and get you registered under my haunt if you need me to. No charge. Just maybe look around the showroom floor with me for a little while. Thats if you want?
  5. LOL, "copy" is an industry term for text. In other words, I write. What I write is advertising, website text, brochures, proposals, business letters, press releases, etc. Recently someone contacted me about helping to write a backstory for his haunt.

    Yeah, I don't like PMs because they're hard to store. I save all my messages, so in case I've forgotten who someone is, I can look it up and remember the discussions. It's better for business.
  6. I could try and email you but you would probably find me boring and get sick of my constant ramblings about all things haunted. Oh I forgot you like this stuff too. Ha! If you dont like pm's then talk to me in chat later tonight. You can email me if you like though. I will email you back I promise. frightmaster@hotmail.com What is haunted copy about anyway??? name, business, fill me in.
  7. Sorry, I stepped away to do some packing. I'm going to bed now, so I'll see you at TW!
  8. maybe next time goodnight.
  9. wanna chat?
  10. Guess I should do that before I dispense of you.
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