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Conversation Between michilson and Frightmares

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  1. Mike
    Contact NY Fireshield for their spec sheets on the Spray on Fire Retardant - tell them you want to spray it on after you paint they are very happy to help and will fax or e-mail all the info including a sheet you can use to certify the job after you do it - take the spec sheets to your local F/M - building inspector to see if he accepts thgem - I have never been turned by anyone - even New Jersey Inspectors who are total asses - Also invest $400 bucks in a good airless paint sprayer form Home Depot or Loews You will save the cost over and over again in time and money savings - paint goes much further and it tkes 1/5 of the time - you just always have to cut the paint with water to thin it a bit use a suction screen to not pick up goop and clean the sprayer well after each use
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