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Conversation Between damon carson and Jim Warfield

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  1. Well seems like our posts on snakes went straight into file 13 in the syndicated oddity know as haunt world. LOL!
  2. Damon, We all do the best that we can under any of life's challenging circumstances. I wake up many days not willing to be ready for what will follow and slow-thinking, painfull body areas, parts, never helps.
    If you need to visit further , give a holler or e-mail.--Jim W.
  3. Jim sorry my computer screwed up and wasnt able to finish talking to you. Thanks for taking the time to talk about my friend with me and understanding it and everything. I feel better talking to you about it. thanks, Damon
  4. Man I need to go to bed good night John boy, good night Mary Ellen, good night Jim.
  5. Hey Jim what are some of the other message boards you sayyou post on besides H.W and H.A. Both seem to be a bit slow lately. Any others you know about let me know.
    Thanks, Damon
  6. Hey Jim what is your address again? Im gonna send off for one of your new t-shirts in a Large. I dont think you had any shirts big enough when we came up to your haunt. So I wasnt able to get one then. Enough procastinating. I WANT ONE! LOL!
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