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Conversation Between damon carson and darkXmoon

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  1. OK, here we go..

    How the hell did he not know that was his old friend Tron ? I mean come on after twenty years you think he would go huh.. that guy fights just like my old best friend, but hthere is no way thats him because his face mask is all dark and stuff. REALLY ? Its either Racer X or Daurth Mal.

    WTF!! You sitting on your butt is how your fighting ? This is how you start your rebellion ? Sitting on your little zen pillow and teaching a program to be human... umm.. ok if Clue is taking over every thing and turning all the people AN YOUR LETTING HIM.. whats the point ? Why not pick up a few other strays and I don't know teach two at a time ? Start a little commune or something.. Think Man!!!

    If his whole body was in the program and he is human.. and there programs WTF is he surviving off of ?

    Why didn't Clue expand the grid ? He knew how, they showed that he had the building creativity to do it. Then why didn't he do it ?
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