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Conversation Between Nightgore and swampboy

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  1. Hey man, that's awesome news! We'll have to meet up sometime in St. Louis, I'd love for you to meet my partner Ed. We're not doing the Vegas show, it's not really "for" the haunt industry. We're sticking with the St. Louis show and MHC. We will be going to IAAPA in Vegas though... that'll be fun!
  2. Yeah def going to TW. Hitting Vegas first though...may be Haunt "Lite" but still a great excuse to go to Vegas for me. Got my tickets for MHC bus tour too...Trying to get my wife to go with me to St. Louis since she'll be involved in the biz but has no real idea about this kind of thing.
  3. That's awesome man, good stuff! Yeah, I'll let you know when we get to setting up... we're having our first "orientation" for the crew/staff on Jan. 31st... Really just kinda talking about the haunts, the business... the ins-and-outs of everything!

    So I take it your going to TW?
  4. Dude, what's with the stitches? That looks really gross

    My holidays were great how about yours? So when do you hand man? My schedule is pretty light right now until conventions etc start up in march so if you ever want a hand, just let me know and I'll come down and help you out for day.
  5. Hey man,

    I hope everything is going OK and that you had an AWESOME holiday season! Talk to you soon man! -Tyler
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