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Conversation Between Haunted Farm and hauntedkimmy

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  1. Hey Kim,
    Kim here from the Haunted Farm........One word for you DORP! Or erosion cloth great for decorating inside these old barns, alos try and find some old feed sacks, fill with hay and sit around......How r things coming?
  2. That would be so cool!!! I would love that and by then we should have a good chunk of our haunt done for you to see and I could pick your brain a bit for super cool ideas, LOL!
  3. Pleasantville, OH we are about 3 hrs. west of Pittsburgh. I would love to get together some time so if my husband comes that way for work over the summer maybe I will tag along.
  4. Nope, I can't make MHC this year. I went to NHC in Valley Forge a few weeks ago. Maybe next year!!! Where are you located? I'm near Williamsport PA, center of PA. There's not too many haunters in my area... Spookhaven is the closest person on the boards to me.
  5. Hey Kim are you coming to Midwest Haunters Convention this weekend? If so lets meet up f
  6. Thank you sooo much! I'll have to sit down and read the whole thing, but it sounds perfect!!! You rawk!!!
  7. I didnt want to post in a thread but you might get some ideas from here read this I followed this trial for a year......truely sick and with the barn you have the perfect opportunity to play this out...... here is the link
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