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    Electric Chair

    Hey, anybody got any ideas for building an electric chair? The special effects as far as smoke and electricity? Any good links? :twisted:
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    Real eyes that light up...

    Hey, has anybody checked out the eyes that Van Dykes Taxidermy sells? They sell a light kit for translucent eyes that look so real! Imagine a pack of wolves or a monster with real glowing eyes......
  3. Questions about wall materials and fireproofing?

    We are now designing our room for 2007 thanks to the building inspector. Does anybody have any advice on building walls? We were planning on building a modular wall system out of two by fours and...
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    Another victim of Redtape

    Well I am another victim of Redtape. I own a business in the Cleveland area. After researching the market I came up with a great idea to build a small haunt in a vacant space next to my business....
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