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    thank you

    Just found this thread and spent the whole night reading it ALL.Thank you for sharing so much of the hoochie and yourself in these posts.
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    just a thought but what if your walls were...

    just a thought but what if your walls were projection screens or scrim cloth and the movement of the room came from a rear projector/projectors. no moving parts makes it a lil safer to operate.
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    Your a freakin beast bro.......I have never seen somebody so open with their ideas and techniques. Hats off to you for trying to help other haunters not keep them in the dark on how things are done.
  4. The factory of terror has an extremely detailed...

    The factory of terror has an extremely detailed haunt. I know I have had a hand on every room in the place. They have spent alot of time putting together an amazing show. There is no "filler" used in...
  5. World Record

    I'm a little confused by this thread. I would think the industry would support this...not down play it as bogus mumbo jumbo.... I work with the factory of terror during the off season on a daily...
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