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  1. Trailer

    I don't believe one trailer will not be enough.

    First off, I don't see how it would ever pass fire codes. With only one path of egress and, assuming it is 8' wide, you could only have one hallway...
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    Laser Wall

    I made the GOE laser vortex generator from scratch and it has worked great in our haunt for two seasons now. I'm about to make another one and mod it to turn it into a laser wall. If you PM me, i'll...
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    Allen's Class

    Hey Allen,

    What's your topic for this year?
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    Are they posted yet???
  5. Opinions Needed: Posting a full lights on walk-through of your haunt on YouTube

    I all ready have my opinion on this, but I want to hear everyone else's opinion. I know of someone who posted a full lights on walk-through of their haunt on YouTube. For him, he just wanted to show...
  6. I'd like to resurface this topic and continue to...

    I'd like to resurface this topic and continue to get more opinions. We didn't do this this year, but are considering doing it with another haunt in 2012.

    Allen, as always, your expertise in this...
  7. Need advice on teaming up with another haunt

    We just found our location for this year, and were entertaining the idea of having one of our friends haunts from another part of town share our space with us. We have 2,3000 sq/ft and will for sure...
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    Looks like we're going into a mall this year as...

    Looks like we're going into a mall this year as well. We should know for sure by the end of the week. Should be an interesting year. Looking forward to it!
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    The Perfect House

    Rocky Mountain Terror had a booth at HorrorFest in Denver this last weekend. After two days of shamelessly promoting ourselves, I took a break on Sunday and took in a world premiere of an indie...
  10. Problem Registering for Transworld Seminars

    We were trying to register for seminars today on the Transworld website. After 6 failed attempts to register, I'm starting to get worried. Is there a cutoff for online registration? And if so, is...
  11. Horror Trivia - Advice Needed

    So we're thinking about starting a bar trivia add-on to Rocky Mountain Terror. It would be all horror trivia, and we're going to call it TERROR Trivia. Just wondering if anyone has any advice for us....
  12. All Welcome Hauntcast to the Forum

    I recently put a post on the Pro Haunt Only forum about Hauntcast. Well, Hauntcast Radio just joined the forum. If you have never heard it, visit www.Hauntcast.net and listen to season 1 for free....
  13. Pumpkinrot = Mouse Food for Trick or Terror

    So this weekend was all about the Haunt. Saturday: Colorado Haunters Make & Take. Sunday: Move Trick or Terror from temporary storage to our new storage locker, close to where we actually live....
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    Here's to your successs!!!

    Between your books and our phone conversations, you helped me out a lot last year. I have no doubt that this will be a successful venture for you Kelly!
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    Just sent you an email! Thanks!

    Just sent you an email! Thanks!
  16. Thanks!!!

    Thanks a lot. We spent a lot of time trying to come up with a financial model that would give us the greatest chance of success, while still taking care of all of the people who have helped this...
  17. How it Works

    Well, our actors know that since we're new, some sacrifices have to be made until we become profitable. Giving them a reward for volunteering their time is the least we can do. And no money is...
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    Support Hauntcast Radio!!!

    My favorite podcast just switched to a pay format. Get ready for this.... $1 a month!!! I don't know about you, but I spend more on Starbucks in a week than I do for a year of Hauntcast. Think about...
  19. Incentives

    I should also note that they would get each of these incentives after X amount of nights acted. I.e. Hauntcast after X amount of nights, Haunted Attraction after X additional nights, and HauntWorld...
  20. Volunteer Incentive Package

    Contract labor seems to be the way to go now days as opposed to hiring actors as employees. It gets rid of the unemployment liability, and puts the tax liability in your actor’s hands. My business...
  21. We're There

    I remember telling you after you put out your second video that we only had it in the budget to get vol 1. After me and my crew watched it, we ordered the vol 2 the next day. On top of opening our...
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    Not For Rules

    This year was Trick or Terror's first year. We also had our actor troupe at City of the Dead (BEST haunt i've ever seen!).They had a morbid video playing that was produced for queue line...
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    Queue Line Videos

    What are some good companies out there that produce queue line videos. In particular, i'm looking for something with a very dark, very Halloween feel to it.

    Any suggestions?

  24. Thats the one!!!!! Thanks Bill!!!

    Thats the one!!!!! Thanks Bill!!!
  25. Where can I find THAT chainsaw???

    Where can I find that pro-haunt grade mock chainsaw. You know, that one that looks real, sounds like a real gas chainsaw, and feels real, but is just a prop. I saw a website for it posted here about...
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