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  1. Transworld Haunt Conference

    This year I was able to go through the entire exhibit hall and check out al products/services in 5 hours. My crew did the entire tradeshow floor in 4 hours. The evening events: Thursday tour;...
  2. Columbia Haunt Tour

    Just to make sure that I have this accurate:
    - When we buy tickets online we can show up to either haunt first?
    - What time are the haunetd houses open to/from?
    - Will we be able to buy tickets at...
  3. Wanted: The Complete Haunted House Book

    I would like to get a copy of The Complete Haunted House Book by Tim Harkleroad. If you have one and want to sale it contact me at drhauntschamberoffear@yahoo.com and let me know your price.
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    Already had a buyer make contact and told them to send the check. If I do not get the check I will contact you all.

    P.S. I do not have video of them in action.
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    Shock Pads for Sale

    Selling Shock Skin Pad (set of 4) for $150 from Oak Island. Willing to bring and deliver to Transworld Haunt Show in St. Louis. Contact me if interested. Previous Buyer never sent check.
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    Were the People Are

    I work with high school students in my community as well as at a college. The college age group prefers Facebook and we are seeing a large increase in Facebook since they allowed non-college...
  7. Las Vegas Haunted Houses


    I'll be in Vegas January 3 - 7 - is there any haunt that stays up year round? Email me at drhauntschamberoffear@yahoo.com
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    Kirk - No complaints on shock pads - but we did...

    Kirk - No complaints on shock pads - but we did advertise that we shock patrons. If a customer had a pace maker or medical issue - they notify us and we send a cast member through with them to make...
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    3 Animatronics sold already

    3 Animatronics sold already
  10. Anyone Want to Sale their Hauntworld Videos

    If anyone is interested in selling their Hauntworld videos please contact me t drhauntschamberoffear@yahoo.com
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    We took down one of our attractions last week and...

    We took down one of our attractions last week and began placing new walls inside Bloody Fun. We added this year as a trial - Bloody Fun, which was a clown haunt (big surprise - the customer reviews...
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    Items for Sale

    Animatronic Dog (includes trip pad and sound) - dog comes out of a dog house towards customers. Very effective scare in a junk yard scene or in a graveyard scene with camo netting over the dog...
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    Hauntworld Videos

    If anyone has the Hauntworld Videos and is interested in selling them please contact me at drhauntschamberoffear@yahoo.com
  14. So Fearfest and Necropolis in Columbia! That's...

    So Fearfest and Necropolis in Columbia! That's two of the haunt's I had on my list that might be possible to have on a Friday Night tour.

    I know that I would attend on Friday night and the two...
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    Missouri Haunted Houses

    Just wondering if any Missouri Haunted Houses would be interested in opening up for the upcoming Transworld Show?

    Looking at the search engines I see a few which would be reasonable within driving...
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    Where are you located and how much fr your walls?

    Where are you located and how much fr your walls?
  17. Boni, Each year I have atteneded a different...


    Each year I have atteneded a different haunt conference. TW, MHC, and HauntCon. With a small budget and new to the game I would recommend MHC. The reason for this is included with your...
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    Bus Tour

    When will we be able to register for the bus tour? Will there be only the one on Saturday night or will there also be one on Thursday or Friday?

    Also, do you know what the cost will be?
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    As long as the group has someone with them that...

    As long as the group has someone with them that appears to be responsible, i.e. not drunk - then we let them go through. We do have a police officer at the ticket booth and this will scare some; we...
  20. If You Have Multiple Attractions

    So our haunted house is in it's 6th season and this year we expanded from one haunted attraction to three attractions. We put them in order from lowest fear afctor to highest fear factor, but we are...
  21. Items for Sale

    Here is what we have that we will sale at this point:

    8 foot Giant Skelator Pop Up out of Door with trip pad and light $1,500
    Living Room Scene (Fireplace, 2 Couches, Piano) $1,500...
  22. Entire Haunt Not 4 Sale

    The entire haunted house is not for sale anymore. One of the former managers has taken it over in May and will only sale some pieces but not everything and the spinning tunnel is not for sale.
  23. Thanks

    Thanks for the info. I thought it had to be a projector but peppers ghost is really impressive. Do a lot of haunted houses use peppers ghost?
  24. It was too structure to be peppers ghost - it had...

    It was too structure to be peppers ghost - it had to be something else.
  25. Dancing Ghost at Haunted Mansion

    Can anyone tell me how they make the ghost dance at the Disney World Haunted Mansion? Is it by projector? If so how do they get deminsions to it.

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