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    Sticky: Hi everyone. I've been hanging out on HW for...

    Hi everyone. I've been hanging out on HW for about a year but just recently joined. Me and a partner plan to open a haunt in the Marietta, GA area in 2012 (trying to get the loan worked out right...
  2. I've also heard that the fire marshal's love this...

    I've also heard that the fire marshal's love this stuff due to it's fire retardant qualities. Can anyone confirm or comment on that? Thanks!
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    Actually visited twice

    I love Netherworld, but you guys nail the details of your sets better than Netherworld. They have cornered the market on large, elaborate sets but you guys have really focused on detail. Folks in the...
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    speaking as an accountant

    I'd be more concerned with securing a good quality CPA before a lawyer. I'm spoken with both and was able to get more information (and more helpful information) out of the CPA.
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    Same boat here

    I'd like to hear how everything turned out? I submitted a business case to a lending officer last week. Will probably call in a day or so to see how it's progressing. I wasn't sure of the odds of...
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