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    Up - Up - Up

    Up here in Northern Michigan at Screams In The Dark our attendance was up almost 3,000 from last year pushing us just to the edge of 10,000 visitors - We only had to close our trail and hayride on...
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    Yes we try not to say that too loud :) The weather was good for opening weekend - Last year wasn't to bad, had a couple rainy days but that doesn't seem to slow our attendance down to much, and the...
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    The increase -

    I would have to say definitely word of mouth - Our advertising has stayed about the same each year - Radio, Billboards, Social Media, and a few Newspaper ads. This is also our 4th year in this...
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    Thanks for the tips - We would love to open an hour earlier but unfortunately it doesn't quite get dark enough for most of the attractions until the sun goes down which later in the season is right...
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    Pushing Larger Numbers Through.......

    So after our first opening weekend we have seen our numbers almost triple so far compared to last year....which is awesome.....and a bit scary because last year there were a few nights that we pushed...
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    Audio -

    It's not that hard to create your own audio - There are several free programs out there for creating audio tracks, you would just need a microphone and computer. If you had the skill to build a...
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    Not worth it -

    So I bought one of the projectors pictured in the first post - Figured it was cheap enough to give a chance. When I plugged it in it worked easy enough and was plenty bright for haunt needs. The big...
  8. Poll: Profit or Not -

    There was only one year that we did not "Profit" and that was the year a new fire marshal came in just after we had painted all of our brand new plywood walls and told us he would not allow their...
  9. I would assume he had permission from each person...

    I would assume he had permission from each person before doing this :)
  10. Poll: Owning a location -

    Owning a location is still on our list - We have been a setup/Tear down haunt all these years. The past 4 years we have been working with the local fair grounds, they let us use the grounds and help...
  11. Poll: Agreed -

    I agree with what your saying - I guess my point is if you have the drive and love what your doing you will make it work. I don't think you should jump head long into a professional haunt right out...
  12. Poll: Black Plastic Walls -

    I guess I should have put that the black plastic walls were over 20 years ago :) - We did at one point switch over the the flame retardant black plastic and most fire marshals that we had were fine...
  13. Poll: Started Small -

    We started extremely small - I mean no walls....mostly hand made props, we had access to a gymnasium and made it more of a haunted "walk around the gym" - The next year we moved on to a pavilion that...
  14. Hologram...or not....

    I wouldn't consider it a "TRUE" hologram but it does provide a full walk around view - Which most projections lack.
  15. Possibly Upscale this for haunt use?? New idea for a vendor :)

    Just saw this in my facebook feed and immediately started thinking on how to upscale this for haunt use - Looks like it needs "hologram" specific videos to work right....maybe something a video fx...
  16. Thread: Camo netting

    by Evernight

    Cheapest we have found....

    The best place we have found so far has been Vermont's Barre Army Navy - http://www.vtarmynavy.com/index.php

    We get their bulk Budget Camo Netting - Green/Brown - $595 for a 7' x 255' roll - and...
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    Check into "Trigger-able Media Players" - I know...

    Check into "Trigger-able Media Players" - I know Fright Props carries a few. You basically record the "Ambient Video" which plays over and over until it is triggered by a sensor, button, mat, etc. -...
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    Northern Michigan here -

    We are located up in Traverse City - Northern Michigan, we have a Hayride and Large trail that is outdoors as well as 3-4 indoor haunts - Our biggest issue in the past 3 years has been unusually high...
  19. Jack - I agree it doesn't have a chance right now...

    Jack - I agree it doesn't have a chance right now to replace the physical haunted house - But trust me it's a lot scarier than you think, I really wish I had video from some of the grown men we had...
  20. Rift Experience -

    We had a booth at a local Comicon last weekend and I had our Oculus Rift set up allowing people to try a couple of the Horror demos I had available - We had quite a crowd gathered to test it out all...
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    Pm sent - Thanks

    Pm sent - Thanks
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    Thanks! I saw their product and it's definitely...

    Thanks! I saw their product and it's definitely on my list - was hoping to find a version that did not need in line lubrication to worry about - but good to know how well it works.
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    Easy fix for long wait -

    I agree on the long wait for the scare, most will move on before it happens - You could easily use the video with one of the available "Triggerable Video Players" like Fright Props offers - That way...
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    Looking for inflatable Haunt -

    I was curious if anyone has one of the children's inflatable haunts that used to be sold at the Transworld shows? They were fairly decent size - I have found a few like it on the chinese sites but...
  25. Oculus use -

    I own one of the Oculus Rifts - We are actually using at our booths that we set up for various events just as a way to draw some people in. The game we currently use on it is called "The Affected"...
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