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  1. We will make point to drop in to see you, doing...

    We will make point to drop in to see you, doing some things with thunder and lightening this year.
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    Nightmare Factory team attending!

    NIA team from the Oregon School for the Deaf's NIGHTMARE FACTORY will be attending this years Transworld. It is the first time I've been able to afford to bring a group to the show!

  3. Thread: Tickect help

    by wchced

    Tickect help

    Bought a ticket to go to the Darkness, but used my Ipad... I went to the Darkness site and the ticketing part has a HELP button, super, it even has a button to help you print a ticket...

    But now...
  4. that previous guy?!

    With all due respect Larry, I respectfully disagree.

    First of all I am that previous guy you are referring to, Ed Roberts, founder of the Nightmare Factory in Salem Oregon. I've been off the...
  5. social media as a marketing tool

    Larry, et al,

    Social media works as an advertising tool, end of story. I like that Larry has you all thinking, but Larry, to say that kids don't use facebook is in correct. They do. Do they use...
  6. West Coast Haunters Convention / Did you know?

    In 1987 the Ed Roberts, the founder of the WCHC, started the Nightmare Factory Haunted House at the Oregon School for the Deaf in Salem Oregon.

    It was his goal to start not only a fund raiser for...
  7. I tell people that the West Coast Haunters...

    I tell people that the West Coast Haunters Convention is a show for all haunters, no matter who you are, or how big your event is, you are welcome here. The WCHC is a charity event I started four...
  8. We are very excited to have Cydney and Scott join...

    We are very excited to have Cydney and Scott join us, Mike is a great guy this is his second year with us.

    If you have any questions about the the show or need registration of vending help, let us...
  9. The West Coast Haunters Convention keynote and guest speakers announced

    2013 West Coast Haunters Convention


    Behind everything that goes into the West Coast Haunters Convention, there is a desire to give back. From the...
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