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    Oh thank the Lord you are alright!!!

    We just got home last night from Orlando and when we turned on the news Stephanie and I were devastated.

    We are so glad to hear you are alright and our prayers are that everyone you know and...
  2. We Couldn't Do What We Do Without Hauntworld's Mapping System

    I can never stress enough how much of a Godsend Hauntworld's listings and mapping system are for what we do.

    2011 will be our 13th season of travelling the country visiting haunts. We average...
  3. Lemp Beer & Caverns Referenced In New Johnny Depp Movie "Rango"

    For those of you about to traverse the dark recesses of the Lemp Caves, keep an eye out for the characters from Johnny Depp's new RANGO movie:

    Stephanie and I took our 5 year old Nicholas to see...
  4. The Raycliff Legacy: One Of The Country's Best Haunts - An Unbelievable Opportunity

    You meet a lot of wonderful people travelling throughout this industry, and knowing Kel & Lee has been one of the greatest experiences of Stephanie's and my lives. They are true, have the right...
  5. The National Alliance on Mental Illness vs The Haunt Industry...

    The National Alliance on Mental Illness has been bashing haunts for using terms like "crazy" and "asylum" and to score some press and a cheap win went after the mega amusement park Cedar Point in...
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    Sticky: We are The Haunted Enthusiasts & we love this industry!!! www.hauntedenthusiasts.com

    My name is Jim Patton and my wife Stephanie and I started The Haunted Enthusiasts.

    We have attended haunts since the 70's and for the last 11 years have made a concerted effort to make it to as...
  7. Tom - Hope this is a day brightener!

    Hi Tom,

    I saw your post and wanted to drop you a line.

    You met my wife and I this past October on our 7 state tour and gave us an extensive tour of The Dungeon Haunted Ride 3D.

    If it is...
  8. Visited 44 haunts this season and hit 3 of our best ever!

    Hello! My name is Jim Patton and this is my first time at the forums.

    I want to thank all the haunters out there who make our lives worth living! I started visiting haunts in the seventies and...
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