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  1. The Future Of Haunting Facebook Page


    This panel was given two hours because it is highly unusual, may never happen again, that 5 of the most successful haunters in...
  2. The Future of Haunting


    I just created a Facebook page called The Future of Haunting. I am honored to be on a panel with Larry Kirchner, Ben Armstrong, Randy Bates and Chris Stafford at the upcoming Transworld...
  3. "Absurd"


    This thread just happened to come across my desk this morning. First, I'm not sure we have met, but perhaps we can meet at the haunt show this year. I'm certain that your opinions and...
  4. Sold!


    This beautiful pirate chest is going to join the even more beautiful Rocky Point Pirate sets in Chris Stafford's Haunt in Phoenix.

    I guess that's where it belongs now...

  5. Rocky Point Haunted House Pirate's Treasure Chest

    Hi, this is Cydney neil.

    Random...but I am just clearing out the last few items I have saved from Rocky Point and wanted to see if anyone wanted this.

    It is a beautifully detailed Pirate...
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    Rocky Point Haunted House Mirror Maze

    Hi, this is Cydney Neil.

    Hope everyone is well. I'll miss seeing everyone at Transworld and wish you all the best.

    I am clearing out the few items I saved from Rocky Point and still have the...
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    Zombie Skull Latex Masks

    (10) Used Latex Masks

    Made originally by Chris Hanson for the soon to be released film Shadow Cabal, these masks were also used for an October event.

    Most are in very good shape, a few are...
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    Zombie Costumes

    Approx 50 lightly rotted and aged zombie costumes for sale. Used for one month only at the Rocky Point Junkyard Zombies event in Salt Lake.

    Complete inventory with pictures available.

  9. (2) new garrett superscanner metal detection wands

    (1) barely used and (1) brand new in box Garrett Metal Detection Wands for sale.

    Only $50 each! Half the cost as new!

    One was used for a local event, the other left in box, but we no longer...
  10. HUGE BANNER MATERIAL! Approx 1000 ft! 16 ft wide!

    I just finished an event and have approx 1000 linear feet of heavy black (one side white) banner material.

    It is 16 feet wide and various lengths. It is fire retardant.

    I used it to enclose a...
  11. 8 sets of nearly new/clean motorola 2 way radios for sale

    Just finished a temporary event and have no use for the radios I needed.

    (8) sets of Motorola TALKABOUT MR350R Two Way Radios with chargers and head sets.

    Bought new for $85 set. Will sell...
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    Haunted Mansion Plaque and Bust Molds

    Not sure how to delete post...but these are sold. Thanks!
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    Haunted Mansion Plaque and Bust Molds

    Not sure how to delete post but these are sold. Thanks!
  14. Rocky Point Haunted House Tesla Coil For Sale!!


    I saved my incredible tesla coil to use in Disneyland's Haunted Hotel in Hong Kong. It is now back in Salt Lake...
  15. Thread: Great Job!

    by cydneyc

    Great Job!

    I hope everyone had a great show this past weekend.

    I just watched the video made for the Haunted Attraction Industry on UTube. Not sure who put it together but it looks great and looks like the...
  16. creature

    I had this one made in 2005 so I'm not sure if its the same one. We used an actor in our "Lagoon" before I had this one made. Its really a beautiful prop.

    Wow, thanks for asking, but if I had any...
  17. download

    Sorry about that. There should be both a low and high res file on that link.

    I have some great photos if you want me to send them. Just let me know.

  18. Rocky Point Haunted House Universal Studios Creature from the Black Lagoon pneumatic!

    Beautiful pneumatic prop made especially for my haunt from the original Universal Studios mold from the Creature of the Black Lagoon and hand painted by one of Hollywood's best painter's!!

  19. Rocky Point Haunted House Tesla Coil For Sale!!

    I saved my incredible tesla coil to use in Disneyland's Haunted Hotel, but couldn't get it to work properly with their power grid.

    This is the huge lightening coil I used in my haunt for over 15...
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    More Props on EBay!!

    Hello everyone! I hope you are all having a terrific season.

    Finally, the last collection of props is now all shipped and paid for!

    I listed over 100 items initially and sold nearly 60 of...
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    Plain Black 3-D Glasses For Sale!!

    I have one box (2000) of plain black 3-D Glasses for sale. They are brand new and ready to ship for your upcoming season. They are the best quality Paper Optics makes in the plain 3-D glasses. I will...
  22. 12 hours left!! Collector's Props for Sale On EBay!!

    There are just 12 hours left until most of auctions for my personal collection of props from the Rocky Point Haunted House finish on Ebay!! If you haven't seen the auction, make sure you check it our...
  23. Cydney Neil's private prop collection on Ebay!

    Hello everyone!

    I hope you had a great 2007 haunt season. It was a bit strange not being with all of my cast and crew after 22 years, but I didnít escape Halloween totally, as my crew and I went...
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