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    We're located on a farm in Lexington, SC. It's a...

    We're located on a farm in Lexington, SC. It's a family farm so we kind of got lucky there. To be honest, we love it. There is all kinds of farm equipment and junk laying around just begging to be...
  2. Iwata IS-875 airbrush (Still in box - not used_

    Trying to sell an Iwata IS-875 airbrush. Never used. I think the most we did was see if it worked, but that's it. Will send pictures if people are interested. Still in box.
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    Just had to share this!

    While we have our core group of actors, we always have some new volunteers who join up looking for the opportunity to scare the living daylights out of victi...err, customers. Last weekend, like many...
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    We've been up every night so far about 40-45%!...

    We've been up every night so far about 40-45%! Hope this continues all season!
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    It all starts for us next month!

    Hard to believe that it's already August! The Deceased Farm team will be opening for our 3rd season NEXT MONTH and the excitement levels are kicking into overdrive! I know every year is different,...
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    How do we do flying actors???

    Hey everyone,

    First off - I hope everyone had a great 2012 season.

    Second - our haunt took a trip to Netherworld the last night they were open this year, and we saw they have a couple of...
  7. Hair Question! (serious question actually!)

    So, this is our second year running Deceased Farm in Lexington, SC and we're stoked about it!

    So, we are quite happy with our make-up, costuming, etc BUT we were wondering if there is some way to...
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