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    Jon Hyers releases Projected Reality 3

    Greetings People:

    Jon Hyers here, aka Outrageous-Media.com I am happy to announce I have continued my work/R&D in projection FX with Projected Reality 3-The Home Haunter's Guide to Video...
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    Jon Hyers Harry Potter Spoof Film Trailer

    I hope this is ok to post this, I'm not selling it. It's a trailer for a film short I am making, very low budget, and instead of Blue Screen, for parts of the films I'm using video projectors. Long...
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    Jon Hyers actual HOME HAUNT in the NEWS

    Hello Haunters:

    I was very fortunate to get a lot of Minnesota and National News coverage of my projection FX, which are featured here being used in my own home. [I hope this is in the right...
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    Jon Hyers at Hauntcon 2011

    Folks, Jon Hyers here, the Virtual Effects guy (established in 1997). I attended Hauntcon in 2009 and 2010, and spoke both years. I have not yet decided if I can go or not. I am busy working on some...
  5. Jon Hyers Outrageous Media DVDs at Transworld

    Hello Haunters:
    My [ Jon Hyers] Virtual Effects DVDs, including some new ones made in 2010 will be sold at the booth for
    HAUNTEDPROPS.COM. I am not attending the show, because again it falls on my...
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    Virtual 3D Video Projections by Jon Hyers

    Hello Haunters:

    This, yes in 2010, is only my 2nd month ever, posting on Haunt Forums (too busy working of video effects). Just so you know me [not bragging] many of you may have met me as...
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