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    Poll: Mask VS makeup

    I started in the Halloween crazy when I was a kid doing makeup to get in night clubs on Halloween to win the costume contest. (And did quite well).having done makeup on some small low buget horror...
  2. can't wait to visit! !!

    I have not been on here I a while lost a ton of money 2 years ago but going to give it another try next year. So I am traveling to a few haunts this year and Ben your's is on top of the list I will...
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    Sticky: I am Back

    Getting back in the business going to be building a haunt for someone this year out of state. Very excited to be doing something I love so much even if it is not my own haunt this year. Ohh yea I...
  4. [QUOTE=Greg Chrise;141951]I think the real world...

    [QUOTE=Greg Chrise;141951]I think the real world might be getting scarier than what can be created for entertainment.

    Nuclear melt downs
    Who is going to be President
    The beginning of WW3 in the...
  5. Car

    That is no problem just dont flyer there parking lot without asking first.....lmao

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    Looking for ATM

    Does anyone have a connection for ATM's looking to buy one or 2 for this season

    Thank you
  7. Pirates

    I disagree dethwing i loved pirates when i was a kid and we are talking a long time ago. The disney world pirate ride has been around a long time and i have always enjoyed it...but then again I guess...
  8. locations

    One thing you can try is look up the addresses at your local tax collectors office or on-line. It should tell you who owns the building. As far as your business plan just use the average price per...
  9. shot in the dark

    Well if you do a thread serch on them you will find that they have a horriable reputation for not getting orders shipped i know of 5 haunts that did not get there stuff. so good luck.

  10. Hey whats wrong with being in the T's.......LMAO...

    Hey whats wrong with being in the T's.......LMAO

    Twisted Woods
  11. Fog machines

    Hello and i agree with Eric we had 2 martin 2000's and 1 1500, One of the 2000's failed 3rd week and the 1500 which i bought used also failed at some point. but a brand new 2000 failed in just 5...
  12. Osb?

    I hate to be the barrer of bad news but OSB is about the worst product made for exterior use it hold 5 times the water as plywood. You will need to seal all edges front and back with a waterproff...
  13. Florida?

    Hey guys it is my second year and I am just outside of Sarasota Florida if you guys want any help just Private Message me and I will help both of you as much as I can. I am also a General Contractor...
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    Well my opinoin is if you are trying to make a profit for your self at a business including a haunt you should conpinsate your staff. I am not saying you need to put them on a payroll or anything. I...
  15. Cool

    Ok there is a new gun on top of my wish list we can finally get our actors to act like Zombies without ever jumping out of charactor....LMAO

    Twisted Woods
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    350 mill

    Well the first 35 mill would go to chariity right of the top. Then would spend about 50 mill buying land and building a castle. The castle would be a B&B and yes it would be haunted during the...
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    LMAOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!! Shawn...


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    Sent you a e-mail Shawn Twisted Woods

    Sent you a e-mail

    Twisted Woods
  19. where are you located? might be interested call...

    where are you located? might be interested call me during normal business hours at 941-812-5666

  20. Congrats Kyle your are very talented and a great...

    Congrats Kyle your are very talented and a great company to work with. You thought your props where scary wait till you have 3 weeks of sleep depravation from bieng you with your new baby.....lol ...
  21. Shane thank you so much for the party, But most...

    Shane thank you so much for the party, But most of all thank you for your contributions to our industry as a whole. You are always willing to help out someone you don't even know. The party was great...
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    Try Rick Whitlow he did my site in like 2 weeks...

    Try Rick Whitlow he did my site in like 2 weeks and was very resonalble.

  23. ScareFactory, Haunt Tactics, Allen's Deranged...

    ScareFactory, Haunt Tactics, Allen's Deranged mask collection and Gore Galore the new goast puppet.

    Twisted Woods
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    We had 1 uniformed Police officer and 6 security....

    We had 1 uniformed Police officer and 6 security. Our Police are only $38 an hour though. It is worth every penny and I also have a licanced EMT on staff.

    Twisted Woods
  25. Congrats and good luck from Twisted Woods in...

    Congrats and good luck from Twisted Woods in Sarasota Fla. If you need some local help just PM me I will share any info that I can.

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