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    I own both a haunt and a radio station, so my ads on my station are free lol. I will say that it would be good to get some on the pop and or rock station. Try to work a trade-out for them to give...
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    mirror hieght illussion ideas?

    Let me pick your brain lol. I have this idea to make a narrow bridge to walk over and I want people to feel they are really high in the air, when really they are a few feet off the ground.

    I was...
  3. sound design set

    Yeah Adam and I have worked together and his stuff is some of the best I have heard.

    Mine would be an all in one place library with music, complete soundscapes for various scenes and individual...
  4. Would a complete sound design library be something the haunt industry would buy?

    Since I do sound design and voice overs on a national level (I was the trailer voice of Showtime's Masters Of Horror and I am on the trailers on the Haloween 3 dvd, I also did sound desing for ABC...
  5. Thanks for the concern

    I live about 15 miles from Harrisburg. Strange story, the tornado actually developed right near my house. My cousin and me started the haunted barn in a glorious old block barn with a tall round roof...
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    roach projection dvd

    Hello, we had a roach projection dvd, had roaches crawling. We lost it and don't remember who made it. Anyone know where we can find it?

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    Poiosn Props rocks

    I had a chance to work with Adam on a project and got to meet him. Great talent and great down to earth dude! He also has won A grammy I think for some sound design in a movie. I have most of his...
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    question for hf productions

    Was that Janet and Chip you dealt with. I the people that I dealt with in the mall I just did a looong post about was owned by the same people and the lady i dealt with used to be there and still had...
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    I was in a mall last year

    Almost my exact situation last year. The mall was having some problems with stores leaving and was not the biggest mall, but had a few good anchor stores and was not packed all the time, but had some...
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    actually even the radio is not legal to play to large groups

    I own a radio station and would LOVE to tell you that the radio is ok to play in a venue, it is not. Ascape, BMI and Seesac still want their fees. A lot of businesses do it and get by with it, there...
  11. Thread: spark fence

    by jimmyfish

    foot switch

    The foot switch/pedal thing is a good idea, adds another fail safe incase something goes wrong and will not work if the actors not there. you never know, they could set the rod down and it could get...
  12. This unexpected strange stuff has always worked...

    This unexpected strange stuff has always worked for me. Sometimes I would just stand there staring down the next group in the que line and freak the hell out fo them, and I was not even in cosutme! I...
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    Funny thing is the thing people commented most on...

    Funny thing is the thing people commented most on was and afterthought. There was a room in the haunt that used to be a dark room for picture developing. Black walls, dim red lights and a sink, so it...
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    thanks to everyone and Twin Locusts for the...

    thanks to everyone and Twin Locusts for the marketing advice.

    I am def not real good at marketing. Getting about an average of 100 people per night. We are in a town of abot 20,000 and have...
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    I used to work at Kiss 107 FM back in the early...

    I used to work at Kiss 107 FM back in the early 200s and did some remotes and went through the ship. Awsome! It has inspired me to this day in my haunt building. Got a lot of ideas from there. Also...
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    Thanks for all the ideas. I am putting some to...

    Thanks for all the ideas. I am putting some to use. I do use the fire retardant black plastic for walls on 4 by 8 2 by 4 frames. I hated having to do that, but the deal i had for the lumber fell...
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    wow that is what I wish mine entrance would turn...

    wow that is what I wish mine entrance would turn out like! Man that is a waste, you need to be open all month long! I am in a mall and they have this big white plastic wall in front of our store...
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    I always think it is funny when someone goes on a...

    I always think it is funny when someone goes on a rant against someone and then that person replies back and eventually they are both appologizing to each other and they kind of makeup lol. It...
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    Incredable! I am not kissing your butt, credit...

    Incredable! I am not kissing your butt, credit where credit is due. I hope my haunt someday will be half as good as 1 of those dude.
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    Horrible for us. My fist year solo as a pro haunt...

    Horrible for us. My fist year solo as a pro haunt owner. We are in a mall. Had about 35 peolple Friday and about the same Sat. We did not market real aggresive, but not bad. FAcebook, some radio...
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    thanks everybody

    Funny thing is, we did put creepy cloth on the tv and it still showed the effect and cut the light down. The tv is one that is controlled with a remote for the functions like brightness, and I don't...
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    not dark enough

    I am just about ready to officially open Friday for my first night doing a pro haunt in the mall.

    I did a test run last Sat. for friends and family. Not bad. Went well, props held up, actors were...
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    Not sure if that is the correct spelling or the wesite, but this guy has some great stock tv spots and has a dvd for queline.
  24. thanks everyone

    Actually a lot of radio people are asking me what effects I use to get the voice. It is my voice. I do use some reverb and stuff, but the actuall voice I can do all day and face to face with no...
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    spend ALL you rmoney on radio

    All of it!!! Oh wait I own a radio station, so i am biased.

    I am also a haunter, so I am on both sides. If you do radio, make sure you get a lot of frequency (a ton of spots). Just buying a few,...
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