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  1. This is the original old 480p projector. Works...

    This is the original old 480p projector. Works well and makes a great portable projector that you can bring anywhere. That being said , i am sure some prefer an HD projector like he uses now.
  2. edited to include dvd titles

    Ghost Bust Includes :

    Ghost Bust
    DVD player
    Control Freak (controller)
    Water blaster
    Switch mat.
    DVD's : Startle Bites, Halloween Song. Captains chambers, Graveyard Skull, Startle...
  3. I will send you a PM , but something may be up...

    I will send you a PM , but something may be up with the PM system as indicated in a previous post

    contact me at ezeltmann hotmail

    i did reply to austin as well.. hope you got my info .. let me...
  4. BTW i am in the East Stroudsburg PA Area fr those...

    BTW i am in the East Stroudsburg PA Area fr those considering shipping , pickup etc.

    ed Z
  5. Ghost Bust and Stalkaround For Sale



    Ghost Bust : SOLD
    Stalkaround vampire : $700 REDUCED

  6. Turns out the ghost bust and my Stalkaround was...

    Turns out the ghost bust and my Stalkaround was taken out of the deal with my partner.

    Ghost Bust Includes :

    Ghost Bust
    DVD player
    Control Freak (controller)
    Water blaster...
  7. Still for sale

    My stuff is still for sale.
  8. Latched onto a name

    I saw Evil Dead on opening night with a packed house. This is a good horror movie in my opinion. The Evil Dead tie just distracts from the movie. It is NOTHING like the Evil Dead movies i have seen,...
  9. Attn transworld shoppers!

    Anyone looking to start up a Haunted House or expanding, please take some time to check out what i have for sale.


    Ed Z
  10. Items added to both lots

    As i am thinking of things and taking pictures, items are being added. The price stays the same.

  11. Opp! Where it is?

    These are mostly located at my house right now in area code 18302

    Northeast PA.

    ezeltmann at hotmail for additional info

  12. some pictures 1544315444154451544615447

    some pictures

  13. Selling off All Props : Outdoor and Indoor Items : Animatronics


    [edit added items]

    For Sale in Northeast PA 18302.

    email :
  14. Replies

    PVC and Foam Spider

    Thanks to a pvc spider frame i found online and techniques i learned from Eric at Haunted Overload and various sources, i present the

    Skelly Spider

    Comments appreciated.

    Ed Z
  15. Replies

    you won't know if you don't go

    With all due respect, not going to the Darkness Behind the Scenes Haunted House tour for monetary reasons is a poor excuse at best. Larry spares no expense renovating this attraction especially for a...
  16. Onadira Scare Products Purchases likely to be recall fans

    I bought a *DUMB* Claustrophobia last year from Onadira - Scare Products and it came with the recalled fans. Model 3004AD

    Just a word of warning to those who are not sure.

    I love the product...
  17. Thanks!

    This was the item i was thinking of originally. Seemed like a big risk, even with the ebay/paypal protection.

    Thanks Shane for the heads up. I also love the stuff these guys have (or never...
  18. I really love that thing .. with the way i plan...

    I really love that thing .. with the way i plan to use it, it will be suitable for both a haunt and a museum. Lots of WATTS , BASS and buttkickers / rocking floor.

  19. Anybody have the TREX from Johnson Animatronics? REVIEW?

    Hi ,

    I am looking for a review of the TREX from Johnson Animatronics.

    I am looking for a reliable animation for this years haunt.

    Ed Z

  20. Replies

    Don't walk, RUN!

    I have seen both movies and CABIN is the best Horror movie to come out in a long time. To explain why is equal to ruining the experience.

    RAVEN is your basic formula movie with POE thrown in. I...
  21. Replies

    Hose it

    I got this idea from Haunted Overload and am not sure it fits with your application but we run fog through a hose (drain pipe hose) and cut holes in the piping at intervals. Works great in our...
  22. New Trademark

    Screw "Money Back Haunt".

    I just trademarked "No Refunds". ;)
  23. well done

    that is some cool looking sh*t

    Ed Z
  24. Replies

    Definitely interested

    I would be interested in seeing these seminars / educational experiences.
  25. Anyone have a master blaster from shot in the dark - charging question

    is there a trick to recharging the battery. i cant seem to get mine going again. didnt come with any instructions , but it came charged and did work.

    thanks in advance

    happy haunt season :)
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