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  1. Thank you for the responses

    I understand what you are telling me, thank you for your responses. I was hoping to join this hauntworld site to talk to Haunted attraction owners about where would be the best place to get some...
  2. Replies

    Sticky: 130,000 haunt suggestion and opionions for first...

    130,000 haunt suggestion and opionions for first haunt in new yok
    the new guy Greg Baer
  3. suggestion on new $130,000 haunt

    complete Haunted House package plan Through haunted supplies.com YAY or NAY
    Thank you, The new guy
  4. Haunted attraction in NY, looking for haunted house package plan.

    Where should I start? Looking for suggestions and opinions.
    Starting limit $130,000

    Thankyou, The New Guy
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