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  1. Lucky me....

    I guess I'm lucky I'm still alive.... even though watching people run in place is the best!
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    Sticky: Hello

    My name is Jima and I started working in haunted houses in 1997 (not to show my age). Luckily the first haunt I worked for was the Night of Fright haunted house in Cincinnati which was a haunt open...
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    Scared by a group

    One night while working in a haunted house I had 2 rooms to work. To get between the 2 rooms there was a doorway that lead from the hidden passages for the actors to in between my 2 rooms with...
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    Kiddy craft

    I had my kids when they were younger make spiders for our Halloween tree... It's cheap and the kids loved it. All you need is Styrofoam balls in medium size, glue, pipe cleaners, googly eyes, black...
  5. Allen's

    I would say go for Allen's DVD... I bought it and it breaks down the scares and helps you analyze each and every step of being an actor.
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    Call around.

    One year I called around to local radio stations just asking if they needed freebies to give away. Believe it or not there was a radio station not sponsoring anyone that had the entire month of...
  7. Accidental scare.

    I was going to the restroom, but since it was a busy night no one covered my scare. The restroom door was a hidden doorway just right outside of my room. When I exited the restroom to my scare I saw...
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