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  1. Thank You!

    As I've said, I've worked IN the haunt industry and not necessarily at the front line of the complaint dept. I was just curious to see if others had the same experiences. I pride myself at being...
  2. Public Relations and other first year fun!

    This is the first year for our haunt in a new location under different ownership and different charity. Our team has been together 8 years, with probably 60 years experience between us. We've had...
  3. now THAT is cool! Waiting for this stuff to be...

    now THAT is cool! Waiting for this stuff to be all over haunts soon.
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    Carny Music

    Check out Nightmare-music.com. Just released a carnival album. Licensing is free with registration.
  5. I've worked with rigging in the theatre there was...

    I've worked with rigging in the theatre there was a great company we worked with that I can't remember. But they came in and taught everyone the proper inspection and procedure. I agree Allen. A...
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    My Girlfriend and I are obsessed with it. Original and keeps you guessing! I wasn't sure how I would feel about the new cast and story. But we'll see, I guess just like haunting, it's better to...
  7. Agreed!

    I have spent many hours on the phone with and e-mailing them. Not only do they get right back to you, but they make you feel like you are their only concern!
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    New Ambient Soundscape Album

    Hi all,

    Wanted to inform you all that we with Scare Tactic Productions have put out our first Atmosphere album "Gothic Nightmare's".

    This album has ANY atmosphere that you would need for a...
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    Website designer or host

    Hi All,

    I'm looking to build a brand new website for Prelude and was wondering if anyone knew any talented individuals or companys, please let me know!


  10. New Album from Prelude to a Nightmare

    Hello all,

    Check out the new samples from "Dark Ride" the new album by Prelude to a Nightmare! http://www.reverbnation.com/preludetoanightmare

    Hope you all enjoy!
  11. Awesome!

    What's the name? if you can say... I'm scoring a zombie flick this summer!
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    Sound Design

    Hi All Home Haunters,

    I just started a blog using my expertise in sound design for haunted attractions. I have designed the sound for several years at the "Haunted Mine" in Tarentum PA, for...
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    Sound Design

    Hi All!

    Just wanted to share my new blog with you all. I'm going to be sharing my sound design secrets with you! Also if you have any questions or needs please let me know!

    Also Check out...
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    Collaboration Opportunity


    In an attempt to build my production company I would like to team up with a haunt to create a full audio package for them. This includes Cue line Music, Ambient sound inside, prop sounds,...
  15. One Stop Haunt Advertising Shop

    Naked Ghost Productions is proud to announce it's expansion to Haunt Advertising and Marketing!

    Naked Ghost Productions is teaming up with Prelude to a Nightmare to create all new and...
  16. Scaring Away Cancer- Donate to Susan G. Koman Foundation

    Prelude to a Nightmare is scaring away Breast Cancer!

    October is Breast Cancer awareness month and what better way to celebrate and do our part.

    Now through Halloween a portion of each album...
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    News and Music!


    With Halloween and Haunt Season quickly approaching, Prelude to a Nightmare is on the move!

    Prelude was featured on the September 19 episode of Psi-Fi radio! You can listen to the...
  18. Carpe Noctem by Prelude to a Nightmare Now available!!!


    Yesterday, Friday the 13th, I unleashed my hellish mix of music and mayhem on the world! You can now pick your copy up at itunes by clicking the link below!

    It is a terrifying sound...
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    New Song Posted!

    Hello all,

    My release date for my debut CD is quickly approaching, I'd like to present to you the latest piece, "Final Breath". The Album drops August 13, and will be available on itunes and...
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    New Haunt Music


    I would like to introduce myself, I am "Prelude to a Nightmare" and I have been working on new and different haunt style music for your haunted attraction or website. I write...
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