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    I left you a personal message.

    Please check your inbox.
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    Sounds like you already paid for them, but George Maser, who posts on here occasionally, supplies good quality airbags and fans and could probably have you one shipped out lickety-split. I bought one...
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    You are entitled to your opinion, I to mine.

    Hey Wicked,

    A friend, hunh? Sounded to me like you were speaking of at least two different situations / people and not just one. Your comment certainly puts a big question mark in my head as to...
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    Sad but true,,,

    I feel your pain.
  5. Thanks! I believe that was them.

    Thanks! I believe that was them.
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    Scare parts guy...

    The Scare Parts guy, Keith, is still in business, still making panels. He used to produce the panels for Nightscream, before Nightscream bought their own machine. You want to contact him?
  7. Not that....

    I am looking for the floor panels that lie on bearings and when you step on them they slide a few inches. Fright props sells one, but there was another group that was selling similar. Again, I think...
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    Living Statue

    I emailed you.
  9. Anyone know the new sliding floor panel vendor at Transworld?

    Anyone know the new sliding floor panel vendor at Transworld?

    I think they were from down south, and they had a 4 x 4 sliding floor panel, the kind with the horizontal shipping bearings and the...
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    What is the connection to Larry?


    You just excited by the movie coming out, or is there some other connection?
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    The title of one POLTERGEIST review was...

    The title of one POLTERGEIST review was... "What I remember about the Poltergeist movie remake before I fell asleep."
  12. Conventions

    My experience in general is that some people consider conventions a license to act up and that is not just with haunters, that is all conventions to some degree. I have seen it all the way up from...
  13. Haunters with the real ability to help, think...

    Haunters with the real ability to help, think like this: "What's in it for me? How does this help my bottom line?" Not how does this help the industry or how am I enriching another person's life or...
  14. Hang on...

    Hang on... I didn't say to do away with the scantily women. I just pointed out that they are a distraction, to me anyway.

    I am a live and let live kinda guy as long as people aren't causing real...
  15. Lego Kids

    Oh, right, I was familiar with monsters menacing Lego kids. Not cool, but who schedules those events together? And the tiny girl dancers too.

    All those Lego people ate up the majority of the...
  16. Well said, Kevin.

    Thank you! I think you are 100% spot on with your assessment.

    Sunday often seems like a drag day, maybe limit costumes to that day so the extroverts can get still their fix while vendors pack it...
  17. Yes....

    I proposed such already. Most of Sunday is a dud anyways, run it from Wednesday thru Saturday, Premium Buyers get Wednesday. But then again, that lets the wealthiest people get the best deal on show...
  18. Sorry to hear!

    Sorry to hear of your bad luck. There are other sad stories out there and an industry where the movers and shakers do little to help anyone but themselves. Good luck!
  19. Curious...

    I can dig on what you are doing, but prices still seem high to me. But maybe I misunderstood...

    Are you a licensed architect? Do you have some sort of universal stamp that building departments...
  20. Much to do about nothing.

    Quite honestly, I have been attending the TW show since 1999 and in my experience most vendors are standing around bored and are very approachable. The only time I have had to wait was when the...
  21. Sweet Solutions

    As a person who observes and pays attention... I notice some people in life (and this industry) get their egos stroked by excluding others who don't measure up to their "standards" or just as a means...
  22. I love this business, but seriously, I've never...

    I love this business, but seriously, I've never seen such a small industry filled with as many "too big for their own pants" participants as the haunted house industry.

    Let's price the show so...
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    Just my observations of life:

    Some of my general observations on life based on 30 years of working with artistic / tech people:

    1. Sometimes talent needs to be developed.

    2. For the wages and working conditions many haunts...
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    Tax Write-offs

    I think the strategy in America pertaining to real estate, is that they make more money having empty buildings than having a cheap tenant. Let me explain:

    The economy where I live is not great,...
  25. Goodluck!

    Good luck. Unfortunately, haunters primarily help themselves. It is every man for themselves until you make it and then people will be your good buddy. Yes, there are people here and there who will...
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