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  1. Piecing out

    I also sent you an email from steelmagnolia615@aol.com
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    An attack scuba! I am def. sure nobody would think it! LOL
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    Thanks so much!~

    Thank you guys so much for speedy replies. Tomorrow is when we are really jumping in head first. We been getting prepared and now it's time for it all to really come together! LOL Damon! I got the...
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    Looking for ideas

    Hey guys. Me again. I was just curious. I have 2 ponds on either side of the trail at one point. We had talked about putting a motion sensor light on both ponds and then have dead bodies in the...
  5. Thread: Radio spots

    by overlord

    Radio ads

    We always go with the 30 second spots. You have to check on their prices though. Make sure that you know what you are getting. Either a 30 or 60 second commercial, also, ASK if they will give your...
  6. I agree

    Everyone is giving you great advice here. If you think you are going to open your first year and make a butt load of money, hang it up. We are doing ok here in Kentucky, but still trying to sort out...
  7. Yes,

    It went through for me too!
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    The guy I learned everything from was a master at coming up with stuff and doing it cheaply! I know he made walls out of carpet. I am not sure how he did it, we actually called it "Fat Man's...
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    Thanks guys!

    We haven't completely decided which route we are going, we spent all weekend routing and painting, so we still have a little ways to go before actual construction, but when all is finished, I will...
  10. Thanks for that

    Thank all of you for your valuable input! I believe I will probably stick with the one on the left, as that seems to be the favored one. As far as if that is one of the characters in the haunt, no....
  11. 2 of the 3 finished possible flyers for '11 season

    This is actually some ideas, I actually have a local advertising agency working on another couple of ideas, but I always enjoy seeing what other think. (And yes, I did get the artist's permission for...
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    Question about facade building

    Ok, so we are attempting our first facade this year. Biggest issue we ran into was, we found some really affordable foam insulation. Here's the problem: It's 3 in thick. My question I guess, is we...
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    Scare actors needed in Kentucky!

    Hello, I am looking for some experienced scare actors to help out at a local haunt in Morgantown KY, it is approximately 25 min from Bowling Green, Ky. If not experienced, but have drive, that's ok...
  14. A fella that posts on here quite often

    Hauntedprints.com I believe his name is Joshua, on facebook or standalone website, he has plenty to offer and from what I saw, I maybe doing our shirts through him this year. You can also look up his...
  15. I Like it

    It's simple and easy to read and also gets the point across what you are portraying. Wish mine were that simple. I actually designed 3 different ones this year, maybe I will post them! Get some...
  16. In the world of business,

    Never, ever, ever, trust someone but yourself. You always have to think the worst of people. I know that sounds mean, but I learned hard lessons time and time again. So take it from experience,...
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    Another thought on lights/no lights

    Our first year in the outdoors (3 seasons ago) we had a few generators with a few lights, but that was it. If anyone lives in or close to Kentucky, you remember that was a TERRIBLE year for rain....
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    Did you ever locate more pictures? Or did you...

    Did you ever locate more pictures? Or did you sell this? I would be interested in seeing more pictures!
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