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  1. Flickering

    Thanks Guys! I can't believe I didn't see these in my search! I'll go ahead and cancel my order at Shipwreck as I believe their ship has been wrecked and they no longer answer phone calls or emails....
  2. Flicker Generator HELP anyone? Shipwreck Productions out of business?

    So I'm looking for a flicker generator and I ordered one from Shipwreck Productions over a month ago and there has been only 1 email from them at the beginning prompted by me saying that they...
  3. I wouldn't spend much..

    Very rarely do people actually look up. But if it's bothering you, can you paint the ceiling?

    James Lurgio
    Nightmare Productions
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    Looking for custom Tent/Canopy Info

    I'm looking for a Tent/Canopy online and I've found a few but the main problem is the sides don't have the right openings. I need 3 walls and 2 doors on one side and the ends kinda versatile. The...
  5. THANK YOU! I couldn't remember where I thought...

    THANK YOU! I couldn't remember where I thought this stuff was. I appreciate the help!

    James Lurgio
    Nightmare Productions LLC
  6. Yes, I think so. I don't have it in front of me...

    Yes, I think so. I don't have it in front of me but I believe that is the name. Any thoughts? I've been pro haunting for years but I'm a technical novice. I put it in a CD player a couple of years...
  7. Has anyone ever done LOW FREQUENCY FX TRANSDUCER STUFF?

    I bought a Low Freak FX last year and I hope to use it this year. Anyone know what the best and most effective way of doing this would be? Also a good source for transducers? Any help would be...
  8. Forgotten VP

    Could you send a pic or vid of the "Forgotten VP Animation" to nightmareproductions@hotmail.com? I would greatly appreciate it. Thanks!

    James Lurgio
    Nightmare Productions
  9. so...

    Thank you for the suggestions. I appreciate all the help. We actually got that one last year but despite our best efforts, the "Loud sound" still sounded like a toy. It was actually quite funny so we...
  10. Looking for walkie talkie with earpiece?

    Hello All,

    So I'm wondering if anyone has any leads on a company that provides a universal earpiece/speaker for higher end walkie talkies? Either that or someone who sells the entire package with...
  11. Yes. Operated by a big scary dude. We used a much...

    Yes. Operated by a big scary dude. We used a much less expensive one last year that sounded like a dentist drill.. It was a terrible idea. We wanted BIG noise this year just like the one spookyprops...
  12. Thanks. I would have done that but we're indoor...

    Thanks. I would have done that but we're indoor so that's why we wanted the faux one. Any other options?
  13. Waited too long.. Anyone have Spookyprops chainsaw?

    Hello All,

    I forgot how woefully unprepared most haunt products companies are for September orders so I've waited too long to order a fairly key item. I'm wondering if anyone has an extra...
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    Has anyone heard of atmosfearfx.com?

    I received an email yesterday and thought it was intriguing. Has anyone used their DVD's and I was wondering about your thoughts about their pricing? Thanks! www.atmosfearfx.com

    James Lurgio...
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    Does anyone have atmosfearfx.com?

    Hello All,

    I'm wondering if anyone has or know of someone who has a DVD from atmosfear.com. I just got an email from them today but their prices are kinda screwy considering I've never paid nearly...
  16. Thanks all

    I put my inquiry to Jakprints today. Thanks for the help. I LOVE this site!

    James Lurgio
    Nightmare Productions
  17. Question: Where do you all get your T's?

    I was wondering if I could call upon the kind members here once more to point me in the direction of a GOOD and relatively inexpensive T-shirt printer? I have my own art in color and I'm looking for...
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    -Count Orlok
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    Did anyone but me notice that they've taken down...

    Did anyone but me notice that they've taken down their little videos on the animations? They were very helpful. I've emailed twice with no response. Maybe someone here knows what's up with that? Love...
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    Thanks for the info guys. I wrote them and I'll...

    Thanks for the info guys. I wrote them and I'll call them tomorrow. So are these the same shirts or a different company selling their shirts? or.. Thanks again.

    James Lurgio
    Nightmare Productions
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    Netherworld (Mars Clothing) doesn't respond to...

    Netherworld (Mars Clothing) doesn't respond to calls and emails don't work. I think they may have closed. Anyone else?

    James Lurgio
    Nightmare Productions
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    Horror T-shirt Companies ANYONE?? HELP!

    Hello All,

    I have a question about vendors you use for WHOLESALE monster and horror themed t-shirts. I have used both Fright Rags and Rotton Cotton and would REALLY LOVE to find another company. ...
  23. OOOh That looked uncomfortable..

    I learned about these sorts of events this year and while I haven't been to one, I think the concept is just dreadful. I don't tend to think their stance is anti-drug. I think it's other stuff that...
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    Paranormal Activity

    I think the movie pretty much did it's job. I saw it last night and thoroughly enjoyed it. It was very suspenseful and very eerie. It certainly made me jump and yes, it was scary. It was a very...
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    Need an air canon quick!

    Does anyone have or know of a place where I can get one? The place I was going to get one from is not answering their phone or any messages. AWSOME service "Nightscream Studios"! Anyway, any help...
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