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  1. Social Media

    I am a VP of Technology in Manhattan and run a pretty successful Charity Haunt on the side, or is my VP job on the side? This time of year I can never tell. Part of my strategic plan for the...
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    Spark Fence

    I figured it out. I was able to use a transformer from some old landscape lighting. It works pretty well. Its only 1amp at 12 volts and I put a foot pedal control on it. The only issue I am having is...
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    spark fence

    I purchased one from Harbor Freight today and it doesn't work either. They all seem to have that spark protection. Does anyone know which ones are ok to use.

    What do you mean by ground? Am I...
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    Spark Fence Help!

    Ok so I am pretty sure I know why this is not working, but I wanted to pick everyone else's brains before I returned the battery charger I purchased. The battery charger is...
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    Need some help!

    I know you have all heard this before, but we are really stuck for idea's this year. We run a 8000 sqft 100% charity haunt. Last year we saw huge numbers and we are expecting to double them this...
  6. Looking for zombie silicone mask

    If anyone has a used or reconditioned silicone zombie mask please let me know. It is for a charity haunt. Budget is small this year.

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