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    Not elitches

    Do NOT go to elitch gardens for there haunts. I could not get my haunt going this year so I decided to work at one because I LOVE scaring people. There set design is so bad you can see the 2 by 4's...
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    Has a point

    One of the owners of the 13th floor went to college for marketing. Makes since to get a pro when a pro is needed.
  3. Poll: When?

    It really matters on when they opened to.
  4. Poll: Your right

    I think you are very experienced and right in your point. You can throw the kitchen sink at your haunt does not mean you will make it. I got smacked just like most people do when you open a haunt in...
  5. Poll: 20 years ago

    I can see how you rose threw the ranks 20 years ago but I dont believe that would work now if you tried it all over now. The bar has been set so high now that I believe it's almost impossible to make...
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    Shipwreck productions sells huge rolls I think best price and shipping price can't be beat period. He's hard to get ahold of him sometimes because he runs haunts to but I recommend him and his is...
  7. Didn't know

    Didn't know they sold them on there website but he was asking I think 1000( don't know if that's a good deal just trying to help out a fellow haunter).
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    Don't know darkside

    I don't know darkside no conspiracy here. I got a little nippy but I just don't like seeing people get ganged up on because they say something negative towards Larry. I have seen it multiple times I...
  9. In Colorado

    I know someone here that has one. He said they were only made for that Halloween store featured on making monsters. I could possibly hit him up if your super serious.
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    My comment

    It's not toward anyone specific it's just year after year new people comment on a lot of stuff that they really have no clue what's going on or know anything about it. Who am I ? I am someone that...
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    Not taking sides

    In my book you are not in this industry tell you run a actual business in this industry( existing or not). Second I think Larry has to many cheerleaders year after year trying to defend his honor...
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    A whole army

    I am going to have six dwarfs working the leprechaun experience. Good luck finding one for your haunt they are not cheap and are not very reliable( that's coming from a dwarfs mouth not mine). the...
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    I talked to cfx and they want 1295 a mask. Thats 500 more a mask I want to spend. I will have to think on it but that's more then I have in the trailers. Maybe I will have to wait a little longer...
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    Leprechaun silicone masks

    Does anyone know of a vendor that makes leprechaun silicone masks? I know custom work can be done but I'm only looking to spend like around 4k and I need five. These bad boys need to be top knotch...
  15. Sprinkler System

    Most firemarshalls will not let you build anything over 1000 square feet without a sprinkler system that has a roof on it (tents included). I think that's why those types of haunts have died off...
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    WTB: quality costumes

    I am looking for quality used costumes. Not oversized costumes just normal A+ costumes. My price range is between 1 to 500 apiece. Looking for 50 % off new retail price.
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    Me too

    I had a simular situation too. That's why in a thread a new member started I tried to stress the fact that you should own we're your haunt is located. I know it's easier said then done. The country...
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    Feasting table

    I was thinking of extending the top of it out and making a big feasting table. Put some nasty bowls and plates plus arms,legs and heads on it to make it look like a cannibal dinner table. Set the...
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    Have a big mouth

    I have the big mouth animatronic and it works great. Bought it used is about seven/eight years old and the foam body still looks good on it. The only down side is most of the people that walk threw...
  20. Poll: Matters

    It matters what type of haunt and budget you have. There's haunts out ther that spend a 100k on marketing easy. There's a haunt here that has almost zero marketing budget its on there property and...
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    Hanging flat back props

    What is the best way to hang flat back props to the wall without damaging the prop. Did a search on here and found nothing. Thanx
  22. I want props

    I emailed you to the email you left and you have not wrote back. I want some props to.
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    Think your right

    When I used the two mixed together it definitely was not right. The mix would not really harden on my face and it took forever to get it off my face( was really sticky and I could not get it off the...
  24. Agreed!

    I like the idea to! How many square feet is that barn and how many rooms can you fit in it? I am thinking of switching to a out door haunt and this is one of the coolest ideas I have seen just...
  25. This is why

    This is why I never styled my show around zombies. There's some major players in my state that have styled there whole haunt around zombies. I wonder if this will kill ticket sales or if they will...
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