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  1. Sound System or Air Raid Siren for Outdoor prison themed chain link fence mazi

    As an additional attraction at our haunted house, we are doing an outdoor prison-yard/escaped prisoners themed chain link fence maze. We will wrap it in clear visquene and fog it up good. What I...
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    Business expenses with personal funds

    The surest way to keep yourself out of trouble would be to make a capital contribution into the company using your own personal funds, then once the funds are in the company pay the expenses. You...
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    No sales tax on admissions in Ohio

    We are operating in Ohio and I contacted the Ohio Department of Taxation and there is no sales or admissions taxes charged on admission paid to enter a venue, and they specifically said a haunted...
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    There is a tax issue also

    C corp is just not a good idea for any small business because you get taxed twice on the companies earnings if you ever take money out of the company.

    With an S-Corp or an LLC taxed as an S-Corp...
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    How did the off brand glue work?

    Allen, I just ordered 4 of your DVD's and can't wait to see them. How did that off brand of glue that you mentioned in your video work out?
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    Do you have to charge Sales Tax?

    I'm curious if anyone has to charge and remit sales taxes to the state for the admission price? We are a first year haunt and I've found that our state mentions nothing about sales taxes for a...
  7. More details please

    I would love to attend Fear Camp 2012, can you share some more details please? Location & Times??
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    Sticky: First Year Haunt for 2 Newbs

    My partner and I are starting a brand new haunt this year, and this will be the first haunt that either of us has ran. We are going with a "Haunted Village" theme and will have three different...
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