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    I was told..

    If you record conversations that this could cause you a ton of problems. Recording the crowd with no audio would be much safer for the person doing the recording, unless you like being in court?
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    I had a call

    Maybe a car load of haunters who will be attending the Chicago show will be making the trip to see my Ravens Grin one of those nights.
  3. Which is more unsettling?

    Walking into the same room a few minutes later and a doorway is suddenly "There?"
    Or coming back inthe room and the doorway you just walked through is...gone!?

    I tend to think a Vanishing...
  4. Very nice send me some! Jim

    Very nice send me some! Jim
  5. I want one! Jim

    I want one! Jim
  6. Those Dreams!

    I have had a dream more than once that my "House" was an old building that my Dad tore down when I was 10 years old, but now it's my haunt and what a dump! How is this supposed to work?
    My other...
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    Ravens Grin-A different sort of employee.

    most actors here have to do a lot of talking, they are leading small groups through here and are trying to entertain them. A small scare happens here and there.
    The lights are all "on"and we play...
  8. 1968 We drove to Cal. dDsneyland

    It was Feb. They were closed. Then Chevy Chase portraid me in his movie, except he had more fun than we possibly could have.
    Mount Carroll, illinois to California, just a quick little cruise...we...
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    So, your screwdriver..

    Was left laid out in the Sun too long?
    i have worked long and hard to create such a goof-ball image and i play up to that every chance I get, which often makes it very simple and low-energy for me...
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    You missed this, Larry.

    Hire some old odd-ball geezzers,no make up needed! They can show up a minute before opening and be all ready to go!
    i once hired two local old guys that many young girls here were already terrified...
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    This Was Very Different.

    Late last night I had just laid down to go to sleep for the night. I laid there becoming more and more comfortable.. my mind was truly "Blank" not one single distracting thought in my consciousness,...
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    Ravens Grin "Back Story"

    built to be an Inn and a Tavern, it has also been a few other things along the way. It has been a schoolhouse(For wayward girls?) an oldsmobile dealership (For wayward car salesmen?) and a bordello.....
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    Two nights ago, a woman said

    When her Husband was here he saw a Lady in a White dress float across the room in front of him and then go up through the 11 by 11 inch sq, vent hole. this has been happening here since at least 1925...
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    Pulleys never seem to work as well as you think they will. Cable or rope de-rails from the pulley as lines jerk, bag down.
    Cables or rope break, knot up at the worst possible time. The main concern...
  15. Maybe it was just a case

    Of one-upsmanship run amok? Somebody else nearby in competition with him to see who could get noticed and talked about the most.
    When that sort of thinking (Or is it non-thinking?) Gets going many...
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    A realtive of mine

    worked with a woman who fell alot. Usually camping trails in parks and campgrounds, settled before any real legal expenses were incuured for $5000 here, $4000 there ...
    Karma, fate, can be...
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    Unfortunatly the actual answer(How many sq ft)

    Should be asked of the customers. what would they say?
    They wouldn't care as long as the place was somewhat easy to find with some parking.
    Customers only usually care about how much fun they had...
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    Tanner right here, yes you can!

    If you wish to dispose of a pile of money send it to me. A plexiglass dome over my house would be just wonderfull! No more customer's excuses saying it's too cold, too rainy, too windy!
  19. Not this movie, but another one.

    That I paid to see 28 years ago in a theater.. after it was over I looked at my Son and said, "If somebody would loan ME, just a fraction of the millions they wasted on this movie.. I could build a...
  20. My Grandfather's "Rattle-ing Rattle snake!"

    He used it to scare his friends as they would be walking. He had a rattle snake "Rattle" in a very small glass bottle maybe just 3 inches high by 1.5 inches wide.
    Of course to "Get" a rattlesnake...
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    U DO Whutt U Have To DO!

    And that is my complete "Answer" To "Jim, that is nuts".
    I have done a lot of nuts/things here to enterain those customer/people.
    Time allowing, we ask them what kind of a tour they want? so , in...
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    Yes, "ReaL" Looks so.. "real!"

    Those old Reader's digest combination publications 3-4 "books" in one binding. the saw -down pretty well. Circular saw, small-tooth blade, do it outdoors there will be a mess! I thinned them down so...
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    Yes Tanner!

    Ain't all this new-fangled modern stuff all the time, just the chittz!?
    28 Years ago when i was buying my Haunt , the East coast Newspapers were already croaking, bankrupt, sold cheap to the next...
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    Last Time I Checked....

    We had only very positive reviews there.
    I have a distinct feeling though that most of our positive reviews all probably came from people who happened to come here all during the rest of the year...
  25. Some complainers are just ...

    "AZZ Wholes!" A group of Harley riders came here. At the end of the house tour one woman told my Wife that she "Could never get the time back again that she was going through the house!
    I wonder if...
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