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  1. Halloween coffins Built to pay for college

    Hi guys I'm a college student and have been a huge haunter for the last couple of years i sold locally last year actually paying for my full semester they sold so well and my friend that runs a...
  2. ya but what do u think its worth?

    ya but what do u think its worth?
  3. Need Help Dont know what their worth because there rare

    Hi guys i have the antique witch and the antique warlock made in 1995 perfect condition any worth to anyone i just dont know too much about them thank you
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    Hi we are a local company in Michigan trying reach as many haunting hunters as possible we build many products like coffins ,guillotines,zombie coffins,tombstones,misc and a lot more at amazing...
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    Halloween props

    Our company is just starting this season seeing if anyone wanted orders of any of our products.This year we have toe pinched coffins,guillotines,toxic barrels,custom walking sticks ,animatronic...
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    I need your help Please

    Our company J.R Industries is trying to expand to haunted houses and more distributors but everyone is asking if we have a website or a catalog does anyone know how to make one ????Please help me our...
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    wooden prop suggestions ????

    we are a new company just started last year built the standard coffin electric chair stock guillotine tombstones need more suggestions sold out of everything last year everyone wants us back our...
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    props made of wood suggestions

    if anyone wants anything made of wood we could probably do it like coffins electric chair ,zombie teter totter,or a creation of your own thanks also need suggestions for next year always love making...
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    thanks you guys we try we sell them online on craiglist and we sold 80 sold them for 65 dollars but ya had no one complaint trying to get licensed so put in stores or someone on here put them in...
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    halloween coffins and stocks

    hockey080808@aol.comwe make them out of wood and sold over 60 locally last year for 60 bucks and need to get rid of them we are in michigan thanks for looking at the add also need suggestions for...
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    online retail halloween stores

    anyone know any halloween prop stores that will sell coffins guillotines stocks seesaws signs personal people that are life-size tho would truly help so much thank you for looking at my thread
  12. halloween wooden quality props and 2012 prop suggestions

    we are a company in michigan we make life size toe pincher coffins for 60$ and actual working guillotines for 100 stocks to put your head throughout like prisoners danger sign seesaws and a lot more...
  13. Thanks everyone will put pics up when I get home...

    Thanks everyone will put pics up when I get home does anyone know any Website that would sell my product I have them on eBay we sell a ton but want to get online thank you
  14. 2012 halloween prop ideas/suggestions

    hi we are a company in michigan that build most products out of wood like guillotines,stocks,coffins,tombstones, witches brew,standing deluxe people and we are trying to make a list of new props if...
  15. I have coffins guiltonies stocks tombstones...

    I have coffins guiltonies stocks tombstones tombstones and alot more all out of wood material great wood working hops you are interested thank you
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    halloween props 50% off sale

    [hi we sell halloween coffins ,tombstones,guillotines,stocks and danger signs we are selling the rest of our inventory for this year then bringing out our 2012 products email or message me for...
  17. halloween wooden coffins,stocks,guilotines,etc

    i am making wooden coffins,crosses,guillotines,stocks and coffin coolers for party's.They are made out of wood so they will not break also very reasonable prices.I am so proud of my work it is now in...
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    halloween wooden coffins

    i am selling wooden coffins for sale they are 6 feet tall and 1 foot deep so people can lay in them.my location is Detroit Michigan so you can pick up or i can deliver.the sale price is 55 dollars we...
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