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    Acres -

    Right now the space we have at the local fairgrounds allows us to host a Hayride - Haunted Trail - and 4-5 indoor haunts. We would definitely approach any zoning issues well before purchasing the...
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    How many acres would be ideal?

    So for years and years we have dreamed of a permanent location as most haunts do - We have bounced back and forth between using a building.....or being outdoors - We are leaning towards outdoors just...
  3. Left & Right Hands / Arms - Anyone making them fairly cheap???

    So I am on the search for 5-6 pair of fake hands or arms for some pneumatic characters - I found some really cheap ones on line, they sell them individually and can't guarantee I will get "pairs". Is...
  4. Thanks -

    Thanks for the suggestion - after experimenting with various things we found what we were looking for "Water Based Polyurethane" works just like a lot of the market products and we can mix up and...
  5. Adding gore for foam bodies - permanent suggestions??

    Ok we have some really nice blank flexible foam bodies that we plan to do some heavy modding to - I was curious what the best "permanent" solution is to gore them up. I love how durable the Ghostride...
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    Photo Overlay Software??

    So we purchased a "Scare Cam" system for this years events - I thought it would be great to overlay our logo on the photos when we upload them each night. I know there are plenty of companies that...
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    Going to agree with Larry -

    We went into the show with a moderate budget for some new "Wow" items - We ended up buying two smaller animatronics and some bits and pieces because we just didn't find that one big "Wow" item. I...
  8. Fixed -

    All sorted out and listing purchased - Thanks.
  9. Thread: For sale

    by Evernight

    Email Sent

    Just shot you an email - Thanks
  10. Hate to keep pestering - I know everyone is busy...

    Hate to keep pestering - I know everyone is busy with Transworld - any word on the listings fix, planning on renewing our listing at the show but it still says I have no account to log into. Thanks!!
  11. No page 3 -

    Hmmmm not seeing anything on page three for any states either but maybe it's being worked on - Would that also explain why it is saying I have no listing to sign into? It's saying the email I use is...
  12. Haunt Listings & Account gone from Hauntworld page?

    Was checking out the Michigan listings and noticed that all the haunt listings are gone - Some of the banners are still up, but no profiles pages. Tried to log into my account and it says no account...
  13. Roping it off -

    We have roped off areas and people go right under the ropes - I know that this type of person will also ignore any lights we have up - Thinking it's time for shock collars and the invisible fences...
  14. "100% obvious even for the most mundane of...

    "100% obvious even for the most mundane of intellects." - I like this......because no matter what we do with signs....lights....verbal direction.....there is always groups that manage to go against...
  15. Rope Lights -

    We thought about rope lights - but this is a very LONG trail - Maybe we will need to go with low voltage LED lighting and run it overhead since burying the wire is not an option.
  16. Not quite Augmented -

    The Ghostbusters & Butterflies do not seem to be quite "Augmented Reality" it looks to be more of a "Pass Through" video overlaying graphics onto what your camera is seeing and does not seem to...
  17. Lighting a trail to keep guests on the right track -

    So now that everyone has helped us solve the sound issue - we are looking to tackle the "Lighting The Path" issue - It seems no matter what we do our guests manage to wander of the marked trail, most...
  18. Possible -

    Your first example it possible - Problem with most augmented reality is it uses scanner codes, or symbols that the phone needs to be able to read in order to make the object appear. I have played...
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    Oculus Rift - Haunted Experience

    I own an oculus rift - and even as cool and scary as some of the experiences are on it, they will never replace haunted houses - They are just to different of experiences. Once "The VOID" starts...
  20. Just shot you an email - Thanks.

    Just shot you an email - Thanks.
  21. Keeping an eye here -

    Although we don't have much use for Egyptian stuff, I will be watching for the other items you mentioned :)
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    New Ideas needed for use of airbags -

    Last year we bought a 6 bag setup for use on a 16 foot bridge that worked awesome and definitely left guests talking about it - this years theme however a bridge just doesn't make any sense. What...
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    Mrfoos Suggestion -

    So I went ahead and ordered the parts that mrfoos suggested - I upgraded the Lepai Amp to the 4 speaker model: Fentac Lepy LP-269FS 4 x 45 Watts Mini Amplifier with Remote

    Just got all the part...
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    Yeah we were definitely leaning towards the...

    Yeah we were definitely leaning towards the Leisure one - I think we have decided to hold off for another year and buy a couple of new trailers instead :)
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    Good suggestion!

    Thanks for the suggestion - This looks like it could be a good solution especially if we decide to use different sounds in different areas as well. I see they have higher watt units as well.
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