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  1. Happy Thanksgiving all and Black Friday sales event

    Started on our site

    24 hours only

    Limited Addition Props BLACK FRIDAY ONLY
    over 40 deals
    and a Huge Pre Transworld deal for our...
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    End Game thank you..

    Want to say i hope everyone had a great 2013 season..It seemed to be a nice on here weather wise on the east coast.
    I thank you for all your support and orders in 2013..and promise to dazzle ya...
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    Never count out something that isnt dead..

    Hi All

    One thing i learned after 6 years as an adverting rep you will get sick of your message before the public does.. Insert zombies..

    The walking dead is not going anywhere anytime...
  4. Please Be advised Haunt Owners in Ny , NJ , PA

    Please Be advised to all Haunt Owners in the Ny Nj and Pa someone is going around saying they work for me and we are giving away 1,000 in free props for the scariest haunted house..Now Please do not...
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    Ya know

    Was considering a creepy shake video with some fear flex and staff however with the move we are doing
    not gonna have the chance

    Would love to see one with the haunt industry
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    Thanks So much for the review.. happy you enjoyed our work... I tried very hard to do some different things this year..Like The kandy wrapper heads
    and the corn dog victims
    Hope to see you at MHC...
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    Oh Yea

    By Appt only...we are not gonna open to the public...Because we are not meant for everyone. Haunted Houses and Yard Haunters only...

    Thanks for the Advice !

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    As soon as we are ready to open ....
  9. hmmmm

    I guess there goes your animatronic theory =)~
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    Creepycollection Announcement

    Ok Major Announcement - We are Moving Into our New 2,000 Sq foot Shop With Showroom as of April...
    The Showroom should be open in May... so if you in the NY/NJ/CT/PA Aera and couldn't make any...
  11. There is a book called

    Who Moved my Cheese

    Read it...

    Its 100% whats going on right now with the Leap over to Digital Ads from Paper... and radio to facebook /social media

    The cheese is still out there...Its...
  12. Need to create a Fan Page

    On facebook...Very Important...for your haunted house...trust me..

    Farmville...HA yea i tend to not play those things...But Facebook is where its at...

    I have 2 right now for creepycollection ...
  13. How to use a share Coupon

    Ok on your facebook page or Fan Page

    You make a coupon....

    To active this coupon your friends or fans must SHARE it to their friends

    When they come to your ticket booth have them show...
  14. Yea

    Eff Nanny Bloomberg
  15. One More Thing


    Search Engine Optimization !!!!!!!!!!!!!Very Important!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    when some one goes to a search Engine and types in Haunted House In ______ state

    Where do you come up...First page...
  16. Been Preaching for years

    Statics props to distract and Great Actors to scare make the show...Animatronics are great eye candy...need some but not all... a well balanced haunted house is what i would be going for....For...
  17. And

    I prob be smoking still at MHC =)~
  18. O Yea

    Booked 4 booths for MHC,,

    Gonna release more new props ,,,What you all seen at Transworld is the first wave of new items for 2013...

    Next Wave May and June..... New pro- grade props,,,New...
  19. Your welcome

    Love Talking anything Haunt Related...Houses to Props...

    See ya all next year don't know if i will still be smoking Still but for sure i will be Jabba Jawin ! =)~
  20. Creepy Collection Thank You all !

    Another Transworld comes and goes.. We would like to thank Everyone for Coming By the booth..My god we went threw so many flyers at such a fast rate..
    The ST Louis FedEx Kinko's got to know my name...
  21. Told Don Today !!!!!!!!

    Next Year March 22nd Is Just Awe-some ! =) Have even more new props with extra time...Love it.. Better weather, Better Drive, no worries...I remember In 2007 Chicago That crazy
    Snow storm that was...
  22. 99cent auctions on new 2010 props THIS WEEK

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    Sorry- Had the tech guy at my location i was bouncing around computers and desks,
    kids did understand- correction-Kids did not Understand it -
    kids seen it as a bloody scene. and when they walked...
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    Guess where i fall.

    GORE no shocker there. I tell people the day i build a user freindly prop or attraction i will hang it up.I like to push things at the haunt. We even had a seen dedicated to Necrofila last year.( sex...
  25. guys

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