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    I would like to buy.

    Missed them in 1 HOUR! DAMN!
  2. Tom, This is what I was looking for! Thank...


    This is what I was looking for! Thank you!

    It is the UV PAINT, not just the general colors of blue or red, for the better 3D effect.

    So then, what do you think about this? You have a...
  3. More Info

    Here's more of the thought to try to clarify. It not about a prop moving under colored lighting.
    This is all on the side of a wall. Think of a shape cutout with white plexi and a light box behind...
  4. 3D Haunt - Blue/Red Color Change Concept

    I have an idea that I'm not sure has been tried before. I didn't find anything in the search.

    In a 3D haunt, I'd like to have one or several faces, or some other symbol, spear, blade, ect. cutout...
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    Thank you

    Gail, The comic book cover sounds very interesting! Unfortunately the only properly "themed" section is to be redone this year.

    Definately a great idea for a new logo.

    I'd like to thank...
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    We do have people that come through offering...

    We do have people that come through offering candy/cough drops and offer to refill our water bottles.

    We had to earn any free passes. I thought some "Parent Passes" would have been nice for the...
  7. Where ELSE do you get Haunted Attraction Info Resources?

    I'm getting ready to catch up on some Haunt Industry information.

    I'm going to be buying the rest of the DVD line from Screamline Studios, need all of Allen Hopps
    DVDs, and of course, all the...
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    Our prize for Room of the Night was a free soda....

    Our prize for Room of the Night was a free soda.

    Actor of the Week prize was a free Rockstar Energy Drink and a Candy Bar.

    Most of the Actors of the Week also had their photos, in costume, put...
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    Volunteer Actor Incentive Programs

    For those of you that have an Incentive Program for your volunteers, would you please post some of your levels?

    The haunt I volunteered for has a their 1st incentive, a logo wrist band, after...
  10. More Combo Price Buttons?


    Will you be adding more combo price buttons?

    I need to catch up and get ALL 8 of the DVDs!

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    Since other people mentioned plastic wrap, my...

    Since other people mentioned plastic wrap, my thought was to use heavier, rolled, clear vinyl used as table coverings. There are different thicknesses and it is even available at Mal-Mart. Buy it by...
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    Covered at over $200 by our Insurance Co!

    I had a busted pipe last week that sprayed about 25% of my Haunted House
    information collection. I got paid $213.40 by Farmer's Insurance for THIS
    BOOK! Luckily it had minimal damage too! Can't...
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    Just to clairify, I was listing for a DVD for...

    Just to clairify, I was listing for a DVD for $17.95 (now price matched to $19.95) on a
    $24.95 SRP item OFF-SEASON. Don't B&Ms have to run clearance sales for seasonal
    merchandise? Or use low...
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    Vendor Threats!

    At Transworld, I purchased the a case of the BodyBagging DVD by asking "what is the wholesale price?" and offering my Business Card and RESALE NUMBER AS A VALID BUSINSS! No other qualifing questions...
  15. Everything seems to work fine...

    but Molar Manor's pages transition slowly. It that for effect?
    I do have high-speed internet...

    Roger / Heartstoppers
  16. I was told by the attorney that, by the time we...

    I was told by the attorney that, by the time we get an
    injunction for them to stop through the CA legal sytem
    and served, Halloween will be over.

    I'll post the letters soon, but they KNEW I...
  17. For the readers...

    First off, Id like to acknowledge the views this post is receiving
    and thank you for taking the time to look. I have been rather busy
    between my full time swing shift job and my seasonal retail...
  18. Great...another serious topic getting reduced to...

    Great...another serious topic getting reduced to jokes...

    Why don't haunted houses care about infringment?

    Not a "real" industry? It's just for "fun"?
    Its only a month out of the year so...
  19. Just for info...Before this year, their name was...

    Just for info...Before this year, their name was Horror Fest-Evil.
  20. I understand that the term "heartstopper" has...

    I understand that the term "heartstopper" has been trademarked after
    my initial use date. The no "s" name is relating to a band, Brad Leo's
    Heartstoppers. They have the user ID "Heartstoppers" on...
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    Looking to buy Hauntworld Magazine #14

    I let my subscription lapse so I tried to buy the magazine directly
    but can't find a link to pay the $8.00...

    Thanks, Roger / Heartstoppers
  22. Thank you all for the advice so far! The...

    Thank you all for the advice so far!

    The problem is that they plan on charging a specific $5.00 donation, which
    I thought was illegal for a home haunt. I may be wrong but didn't Kim's
    Krypt get...
  23. Trademark Infringment - Heartstoppers Haunted House

    About a week ago I became aware of the Heartstoppers Haunted House
    in CA...I offically opened my business - HEARTSTOPPERS - in CA in 2001
    and moved to Utah in 2003...

    I have owned...
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